19.2 Patch Known Issues

Same. No reward for brawl.

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This week it rewards a card back.
If already obtained, it will reward a card pack.


Yeah, many people just do not read news on Blizzard site… It is tiring to see all the same complaints again and again.

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I know, but I got no reward.

There’s a bug in battlegrounds where you lose if you pick almost half of the heroes hehe

since this patch came and the reset happened, I am not getting 300 points for firsts. I was 12k before the reset and still after over 200 games, including 57 first places, I am barely back to 5k.

I reported this to support who refuse to do anything and I posted it in the forums along with links to the screenshots

300 bug

I should be near my old score by now instead of struggling to get to 5k. this needs to be fixed.