19.0.2 Server Hotfix

Hey everyone,

We’re currently deploying a hotfix that includes the following:

  • Fixed an issue that caused certain players to have an entirely blank Quest Log, and never receive Daily or Weekly quests. Impacted players will be compensated for missed XP in the near future.
  • Fixed a bug where Heroic Duels matches were not granting XP. Impacted players will have missing XP granted in the near future.
  • Fixed a bug where Heroic Duels runs were failing to start. Impacted players will have missing Gold refunded in the near future.
  • Fixed a bug where new players were not receiving the Silas Darkmoon Legendary.
  • Fixed a bug where rewards were not being granted for completing Chapter 5 in Tombs of Terror.
  • Fixed a bug where Whizbang the Wonderful was not using new deck recipes.
  • Fixed a bug where Nazmani Bloodweaver would incorrectly target cards that already cost 0.
  • Fixed a bug where 17 Madness at the Darkmoon Faire cards were not draftable in Arena.

This hotfix will take place on the server side, so you will not need to download anything if you’ve already updated to patch 19.0.


Madness at the darkmoon faire will be remembered as: “Hotfix at the f2p game


Balance Changes or a real response about the Battle Pass when?


This is what passes for official news this days lmao.
Why even post this when you have a dumpster fire meta and battlepass, unreal…




YES finnally!

what ?complaining about hotfixes we needed now ?


They. Don’t. Care.

Any statement at this point is useless


Come on this is like someone about to die from lack of water and food and only throwing you a loaf of bread , sure it will help with your hunger but you will be dead soon enouth if you have no Water.

Theres dozens more important things to fix you wont see me " Bending the knee " when they give you scraps…


Not true. Being silent is pointless.


So still nothing about the battle pass or the many many serious issues raised recently?

Its like Blizzard honestly doesn’t even care about its players anymore


Fixing bugs is good. Fixing the game’s economy would be better.


battlegrounds rating floors???

i hope the shareholders of this company are as disappointed with the financial results of this battle pass implementation as i am with the game in general


New reward system is bad, fix it, you promised more gold more rewards, not true.


they said we are supposed to get exp from an seasonal event
for this expansion is winter veil

and about a balance patch

how often do they release one so close to a tournament ?
arent the players supposed to have submited their decklists by now ?

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This hasn’t worked for me. And it seems it hasn’t worked for a number of people. I can accept perhaps I have to wait until tomorrow to get a quest again, but wouldn’t it say “new quest in x hours”?

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This was posted before the EU daily reset and has, as yet, the daily reset has come and gone and there’s no changes.

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Has the fix been deployed yet?
My quest list is still blank and not saying daily, weekly or when next quest comes :expressionless:

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So glad you are all so hard at work fixing the real issues… seriously f off Buzzard. You should feel ashamed.

Next time just test your sh1t and don’t be a bunch of dumbassh4ts.

Everyday the scandal isn’t addressed is a mistake. I’d be firing you guys right now if I was in charge.

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