16.2.3 Client Update

Hey Friends,

Just a short time ago, we started rolling out a small client update that addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue where de-syncing (a discrepancy between what the client shows vs. what is actually occurring on the server) would sometimes occur when Soul Juggler was dealing damage or when Deathrattles spawned minions in Battlegrounds.
  • Art for Heroes + Hero Powers will now properly populate on mobile devices when the optional data download is paused.
  • When the Air Raid Twinspell is played, the copy generated will now be the correct rarity.
  • Risky Skipper is now a Pirate minion type, as originally intended.
  • Spin ‘em Up and Small Repairs will no longer have their mana cost displayed in red when generated from Keeper Stalladris.

Please keep us updated if you encounter any new issues! Much love friendos <3


UPDATE: For those wondering, here are some things shipping in the upcoming 16.4 patch:

  • Arena Rotation
  • Fix for the combat / recruit bug in Battlegrounds
  • Animation speed-ups for minion triggers, as mentioned here
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Awesome, how about this next?

https:// outof.cards/forums/hearthstone/hearthstone-general/2665-tables-a-way-to-play-hearthstone-with-your-own-rules

Still no nerf vargoth+time warp combination.
Thx for supporting wild.

what fixing recruit bug? but why?

Since the patch not only do the hero graphics continue not to load, now the game is failing to load card graphics on Mulligan.

And the authentication server was down the last hour too?

Hey! I’ve just figured out that with this update my mobile device’s touch screen control doesn’t work properly. Is it only me or anyone else have this issue?

The latest patch has caused longer animations in battlegrounds in android for me. Impossible to either to recruit or upgrade taverns during later stages of the game.

Was this the root cause for the widely reported “I killed my opponent but they didn’t actually die” bug?