25.0.2 Patch Notes

We are in the process of deploying Patch 25.0.2, a server-side hotfix patch, with the following game updates and bug fixes.

Battlegrounds Updates

  • The Menagerie Mayhem and Blood Goblet Quest Rewards have been made easier to earn.
  • The Yoggtastic Tasties Quest Reward has been made harder to earn.
  • The Enhance-a-matic Quest Reward has been made rarer and harder to earn.

Duels Updates

  • Prince Renathal has been banned from all card pool buckets.
  • The following cards have been un-banned from card pool buckets:
    o Lightning Bloom
    o Nature Studies
    o Carrion Studies
    o Athletic Studies
    o Primordial Studies
    o Archwitch Willow
    o Forest Warden Omu
    o Infiltrator Lilian
    o Instructor Fireheart
    o Mindrender Illucia
    o Mozaki, Master Duelist
    o Professor Slate
    o Rattlegore
    o Star Student Stelina
    o Turalyon, the Tenured

Bug Fixes and Other Game Improvements

  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Souleater’s Scythe would fail to add Bound Souls to the deck if the Scythe was in your initial hand and mulligan’d away.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Maestra of the Masquerade couldn’t find her Death Knight mask.
  • [Duels] Fixed a bug where Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards would appear in Witchwood buckets.

another patch another failed chance to take away PTW from bgs. till that happens the game stays uninstalled and my wallet closed to you.

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What even is PTW ___

the fact the only way to get 4 hero selection is through real money. no option to earn it in game. that is a forced pay to get twice the chance of a stronger hero. hence pay to win. the game will stay uninstalled till that is removed

The tiny card pictures of deck builiding are stil in the wrong position. Please fix that!

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ptw, p2w is pay to win, or having to use the most important (to actiblizz) card to get ahead in their games: the credit card.

As opposed to what they advertise the game as f2p, ftp or free to play.

*the more you know.gif

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I hope a Blizzard employee sees this post, I recently got back into Hearthstone and cheating/hacking in game is a real issue. I tried reporting via hacks@blizzard.com.

I play hearthstone mainly on mobile iOS & in latest example of cheating I experienced, I played an opponent in a ranked standard match where my opponent hacked the game to play a pyroblast as a 7 mana card created by mixed concoction while playing as a Rogue… WTF??? During this game other exploits I experienced was seeing this opponent holding warlock minion without having discovered it first (I saw this as I played Mutanus on my turn 7 only to eat one of their minion that was a warlock class card, even though they’re rogue with not having discovered it previously).

I can provide screenshots to best point of contact if Blizzard reaches out to me. But as a paying Hearthstone player this is extremely frustrating to see and significantly erodes confidence in blizzard and dedication to real fans to keep cheaters/hackers away.