World Boss Event is a joke

First, i like the beta, its awesome. But this world boss event is a joke. It was stated that only lvl 25 player should participate, but there where mainly sub lvl 20 players, even some lvl 15. And guess what, they all died in the first second, only 2 lvl 25 players were left ( me and a mage). It was no fun, so i quit after 3mins.


To be fair it’s just a beta you’ll see a large variety of players playing. Most are just there leveling. This is not how it’s going to look in retail with the exception of maybe the first week.


Hope your right, but looking at immortal i have less hope.



  • You have to be on time for your “appointment” world boss.
  • It’s utter chaos and as Necromancer you will NOT be able to recast your minions from anything.
  • Your Armor WILL break and if you, like me, have the decency to go repair instead of standing around uselessly you will instance out of the fight and by the time you come back sweating after your repair you get NOTHING. Fight over, f** you - NOTHING!

This experience is the worst garbage you produced since everything Overwatch,
thanks a lot for nothing I will spend my money elsewhere.


First off - sounds like you need to learn to dodge if your armor is breaking that bad. That or people need to realize and learn to REVIVE people around them instead.

Secondly… they created this world boss as a test, and just for this beta. It’s also not representative of the full game. The drop rates, level curve right now… they’ve already said it’s inflated.

This isn’t a demo either, it’s a Beta. They’ve been taking feedback and have already responded to some of it. Perhaps recognize that your inability to dodge, understand mechanics or understand what’s going on… is your own fault.


I agree but disagree. Those players beneath the suggested level will get the same credit and rewards, if any, as those who fight a world boss at the suggested level.

The only way to curb this is to phase out sub-twenty-five players or simply let the world boss decimate them over and over.

The key point is…what are the benefits of participating in killing a world boss? There will be some accolades or other rewards, else no one would waste 15 minutes beating down a boss to zero hp.

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good, people who havent pre ordered the game shouldnt be in the beta anyways, its people like you that are clogging up the servers and causing them to crash. gtfo of here i say.


Yep, there is an almost undodgeable wing attack, she seemingly randomly one shot bites people in melee, you can’t heal out of any of the damage except for maybe the breath attack plus the other points raise above. Spent 5 minutes trying to bring her down, realized I was contributing almost nothing with broken gear so I went to repair and now I get nothing lol. Probably would have gone faster / might not have had to repair if I wasnt instanced with level 15’s and 20’s. Thanks Blizzard, this was amazing content. Between waiting for the last 20 minutes of the timer to tick down and the fight itself, that’s a wasted 30 mins of my life.

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meh 1st run last week same situation, then 2nd run pretty much 3/4 th were lvl 25s. LMFAO!

Is the world boss even designed to be beaten in Beta at level 25?

If you dont know how to build your necro with being able to generate corpses on bosses. Then you have no idea how to build a summoner necro.


you can beat him ez at 25


So what’s everyone crying about?

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Yes, it will be even more trash with less rewards in the final product.

  • I NEVER got revived. I also soloed butcher on lvl 17… so much for my “inability to dodge”.

I mean I get it, this probably is a great opportunity for you to act condescending for once in your short life, however don’t talk trash about people you don’t know defending a product as terrible of a cashgrab as this with mechanics that were already outdated when they were first release back in the monster hunter days (scheduled world boss events).

You get it wrong. The problem is people like you, shoving their money in terrible products like this and acting entitled over it, trying to blame everyone else for their misjudgement that lets developers get away with worse and worse products. PLEASE find me on Youtube and drop me your comments screaming with hate and sadness once you realize the FINAL product will have less fun, less drops, more things you will be annoyed about and MORE cashgrabs to “participate in this experience”.

^- That with a big, fat exclamation mark.


i can agree. necromancer has a HUGE problem on the world boss.


People will over level it and finish it off quickly. This is a joke with all the under leveled people in there. An absolute waste of time

They’re just casual andies that only want to fight target dummies.

But these will scale, right?

I could not play this in HC mode, twice I was killed slamming my invulnerability skill and no reaction. The spoils were dropped waaaaay away from the boss as well. Way to much lag.

It’s a beta, instead of freaking out and posting like this, post what suggestions you have.

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