Windows 11 - not responding

Hello, until today I was able to play Diablo 4 normally.
Today I updated from Windows 10 to Windows 11. When I start the game, when it says “logging into diablo 4” after the queued it stays not responding.
I have updated graphics drivers and I have updated Windows.
I already checked and repaired Diablo 4.


Can’t play either. Game will show the blizzard logo and freezes. worked till new patch

yes i thought you were fixing stuff today i still have trouble getting in game r getting booted when tp wtf this has been since patch a big company like yours get real

This may help
Dev workaround response

I went back to Windows 10 and it was back to normal

Yep, either disable ds, or download the 1.2.2 version of the direct3d directstorage from microsoft (native/bin/x64/) and replace the 1.0.2 versions of the dlls in the root d4 directory. Unfortunately, if you do this you have to generally replace these daily or so as they will revert.