Why are druids obese?

There is a difference between bulky and obese and sufficient body fat hides muscle–think sumo wrestlers.

As for wilderness survival, that is not the lore of druids in Diablo/Sanctuary. They live in towers and villages. And depending on the climate, having a bit of bulk is a survival trait, as in cold climates it helps conserve body heat. Remember the D2:LoD cinematic? The climate is cold and the guy who confronts Baal is neither thin nor visibly muscular.


But bears really only put on the weight in for winter. More often bears are much thinner and may even be emaciated and look very thin such as Polar Bears in the winter when they haven’t had a meal in a month or more.

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Go look at a picture of a bear. They are big and roundish. You do not see their muscles, even though they can tear you apart.


The Primalist (druid) model in Last Epoch’s game looks really well done.
Each class can only be one race, which is fine and it saves them a lot of development money.
The female necromancer and rogue models look good as well as the male mage.

If they could code a game in 10 years…

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chu mean obese theyre big boned.

*i wouldve preferred the slender redheaded d2 druid as well :wink:


Who cares about last epoch lol.

It’s honestly killed my will to play this weekend for the most part. Once I found out I couldn’t make a normal looking Druid I just ended up playing another game all night. Gonna give it another try again today, but it’s comical watching her lumber around. Not even remotely accurate to how a wilderness survival expert would look at all.


I’m really surprised, given how DETAILED and amount of work they put into D4’s char selection process, that you cannot change ANYONE’s body shape or size at all to any degree with slidders etc…


I honestly don’t know what the point of locking body to class like this is. It’s the players who will create a character after their own fantasy, they should just make the entire game’s body types available for all classes, since it’s not whatever they thought a druid or a mage should look like that is relevant here. Build it around the players freedom of choice, not your own.


the question is, why is char customization so BAD. the options are very very little for a game made in 2023. its insaine!

like i don’t want to be a big boy druid lol…


You are missing the point of being a “Fantasy Game” and not RL. Also not all strongman look fat.


FOTM brought to you by cultural wars.


They’re not obese. They just dont fall into your own fantasy of weeaboo coomerbait that you’re accustomed to.

cant remember the rhino’s name, but he’s insanely strong too and he looks like a round ball of muscle.



part of blizz’s woke agenda to normalize being fat and cut into the fat-shaming.



I can’t believe this is a real thread and a real problem to what I imagine are grown adults. My god.


Facts are so passé. They “know” what they want to be true, and so it is.


This is the tame iteration. You missed the big one that came before.

The first and the last picture you got it right, but you thought you could sneak the middle one in or something? Yeah first and last, strong body type. Middle is fat.

And why do you people get so worked up over other people asking for the models they might like? Does it offend you?


You realize at their weight limit, they purposely put on weight because it helps them lift more right?

Mass literally moves mass.

Did no one teach you physics in highschool?

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