What a disappointment of a response you lost all integrity as a company even you admit it wasn't fair

OMG…grow up!! First off, if I was to get a drop while playing and Blizzard tried to take it away from me…they can go pound sand. It isn’t my fault they have sooo many damn bugs. I consider it fair play considering all the amount of time I have wasted in this game.

Big true, see you in path of exile 2. Do not waste your time on company that does not value your time and money in any way.

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There is nothing to uphold, nor anyone to puninsh or ban.

Players heard Helltides chests were droping Ubers, then they rushed there, started killing monsters and opened chests just like the intended gameplay.

Ah yes, it was hotfixed and ALL drops were disabled game-wide because it was intended behavior. Makes sense…

I think you are not smart enough to realize that this is sacasm(as proven by your comment) so here, this was a sarcasm.

I called.

Now what are you moral high horse guys going to do about it? Take the L and continue playing, that’s what.

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In the future? What about now? It will affect things such as pve clear speeds and especially pvp.

HOTA barbs with shakos or grandfather swords ( increases critical strike damage by 100%) one shotting all others. I’d say +4 to all skills, damage reduction, +high life, cooldown reduction and resource regeneration does affect a build. No other Helm or weapon offer this much advantage in game.

But Activion would rather keep 142 players happy with that decision than the rest of us…fair right?


Literally an IDIOT, and clearly don’t understand the actual issue here. PLUS the main unique in question would greatly change ones experience and gameplay to deny that is pure stupidity!

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I will still play but this response make me to never buy BP. Its their right and choice to let bugged item in game, its your choice if you will support this.

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When someone gets the ‘Bank error in your favor, collect $200’ card in Monopoly, do you also throw a fit?

Probably not, Monopoly is just a game.

Unfortunately, this milk did not achieve any glory.

I literally do not understand what the issue is. 142 people with Shaco has ZERO impact on my gaming experience or my happiness :joy: :person_shrugging:. May you continue to complain and cry in eternity in the eternal realm while the majority of players, including those that got the Shaco, go off and play in the seasonal realm.

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Papigordo (fat guy) if you cant understand the issue then you must not have read the thousands of players giving reasons.

While it may not affect your happiness or mine for that matter, it creates a sense of unfairness in the decisions that activision makes when it comes to bugs and exploits. How does activision handle cheats, exploits and bugs? That is the concern and issue here, not how it affects us individually.


It’s so sad you sit here in your high chair thinking you are so much better than all the people pissed off for a legitimate reason. That’s like seeing the banker steal $1000 dollars everytime they hand off the money for the other players. OH ITS JUST A GAME WHO CARES.

If blizzard wants to have a game that caters it’s highest and most sought after rewards to exploiters, that’s their call and prerogative. They same people that love P2W probably love that too. They can have each other. I’m sure it will work out great for you guys.

i don’t really understand,

true they could have made a rollback but even without going that far ; as a developers / game master or whatever , wasn’t it possible for them to simply delete the uniques from the 142 accounts they pinpointed ?

i mean in online game, game master can give items directly into the inventory or player or delete items from it
it should be possible on D4 too.

If you think that the Uber Uniques comes even close to $1000 dollars, I can’t help you. If you think opening helltide chests is equivalent to stealing, then again, I can’t help you.

We’re just not going to see it the same way. The thing is, more people + Blizzard see it my way.

You’re so into your own personal values, that you’ve failed to consider the values of the average gamer. The average gamer doesn’t care.

Dude seriously? You use an example from monopoly and I show you how stupid of an example that is. Yeah you’re right half this board doesn’t see it your way, but you’re the jerk who likes to put everyone who you don’t agree with down.

Oh, I see, I hurt your feelings…

Insults aside. The point I’m trying to get across is that people with high standards of morals are a minority. Anyone who expects a company that puts money first to side with a vocal minority is just asking to be let down.

In my opinion, people with high standards can’t see or even imagine things playing out this way because they’re blinded by their vision of the way things should be, and ignore what is actually likely to be.

Apply this lesson to every single live service game you ever play.

Make sure it’s only when the dealer screws up, if you’re going too far outta your way to exploit you will get the ban hammer. But if they screw up implementing something and you can take advantage of it? You’re a fool not to.

Get off your high horse there buddy

Eternal realm is dead stopped playing after this crap. Already purchased season one will play that then move on too another game.