Well there goes my 3090

Gaming on it for 5 months no issues at all. playing diablo 4 after work this morning and pc suddenly restarted. Thought screen had gone… nope checked motherboard DP port works fine. pc doesn’t detect any gfx card. No ports work with any screen either.

This seems way too common at the moment for it to be coincidence.

I was enjoying the game too.

That my friend is why you limit FPS so your GPUs dont go off in flames.

my deepest condolences

like I said I just got back from work had no idea about any of this. No warning on launcher or anything.

Am I supposed to research certain games capable of bricking GPUs before I play?.

What exactly model of the card bricked? RMA it, this is cards’ fault.


It is a Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 24GB GAMING OC Ampere Graphics Card.

Ive come to understand that it seems to be a mostly gigabyte problem and clearly something is wrong with the card but diablo 4 is also clearly doing something to trigger it as so many people are having the same problem.

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I also have Gigabyte 3090(since 2020- no issue till now) , but now i’m too afraid to start the game( and i’m a Diablo fan).From the forum i understand that this issue happend also to the people who capped the framerate.
Totaly dissapointed with the developers!
I hope that they will fixed it till launch day.
Sorry for your loss!

This has zero to do with the developers its just defective cards…

You can go watch the tear down videos of the New World cards bricking. You can go watch the Jayz2cents videos on cards bricking here with D4. You will find that everyone including EVGA has said its defective cards and nothing to do with the games.

Covid shortages even caused subpar parts to be used in a lot of builds.

Currently it mainly looks like Gigabyte and EVGA cards but a few others have reported issues.

This is not a game issue. D4 just aggressively uses your hardware and small issues blow up.

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This is nonsense david ive played alot of games in the 5 months ive had it extremely taxing and even unoptimised games cyberpunk bf2042 etc. And have had zero issues playing sometimes 6 to 8 hour stretches.

If you use a card to its max every day and it works fine then you play a new game with obvious problems and it breaks its not a coincidence.
There are alot of people whos card died playing this specific game over the 2 days we can play it do you really think its not this game?.


Lmao yeah everyone in the industry is wrong and you have it figured out…

Go watch some videos… or just keep believing the world is flat.

Remember over 1 million people hit level 20 last weekend… Don’t think these few cards bricking is even close to 1% of the users.

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Do you realize how many people actually have 30 or 40 series cards in the pc community? Not many. Of course it will be a low percentage if its these cards that are only affected.

Im not saying there is nothing wrong with these cards but the game is clearly doing something to them that no other game is doing right now.

Its clearly obvious to anyone new world did the same thing we all know about it and no video on youtube is going to change that fact.


Yeah no video tear down telling you the exact pieces on the GPU died and why its subpar compared to whats normally used precovid will give you any insight into who to blame.

EVGA blaming themselves and out right admitting to the faults isn’t enough.

Gigabyte closing their RMA webpage cause the sheer amount of their cards failing doesn’t speak volumes.

Your luke warm IQ baffles the mind. They legit admitted it. People like Jayz2cents even broke it all down for you in multiple videos. But yeah you got it figured it out. Enjoy the RMA process.

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Wow you really love the smell of your own farts dont you?. Why can you not see that 2 days of a beta causes alot of peoples cards to expire in one go that something is not right?. I never said the cards are not to blame im saying that the game may also be to blame too. Especially as it seems to be at the exact same cutscene for all to cause major crashes and thats what is causing the cards to break?.

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yea in jay you can trust, he totally wont drill through a motherboard to mount it.

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Yeah a most demanding cutscene big shocker. The driver and api development don’t wort that way. Your GPU fail safes didn’t catch. Nothing a program can do should brick your card. They are meant to be used at 100% usage for 1000+ hours. And if anything is outside of spec including over heating it is meant to protect itself.

Im done with you dude. Im not arguing any more absolutely deluded in thinking diablo has nothing to do with this when its clearly happening to alot of cards on these specific days.

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They provide you video proof of the faults and you still don’t believe it and I am the delusional one lmao.

Oh and don’t forget this isn’t the first 2 days like you want to pretend. This exact sh!t went down with New World and EVGA owned up too it. And even then the people tearing them apart said its multiple manufactures using subpar parts.

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Nobody here is qualified to know the exact cause of the issue. That’s why everyone’s up in arms about it, because there’s no answers… There’s no need to get into a flame war over it, Jeez.

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That was the point i was trying to get across that saying no software can brick a gpu is a rediculous statement as it is causing an issue with specific cards. Yes the card may have a fault somewhere but the software seems to be triggering the fault in the first place.

Multiple qualified people disassembled cards pointed out problems. Stated it will continue to happen.

There is an answer. The answer is the cards are bad. EVGA said it. Jayz2cents said it. Multiple others who assisted with mailing in cards to be disassembled said it.