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First off, love the game. I have been a fan since D2. My main issue is my favorite the ranged rogue. Love the abilities, but some just don’t make since right now. My shadow imbue is not a sustained ability, like it would be in D3 with the bat and shadow imbue does not have an Aoe effect all the time even though the enemies are close to each other. I get killed a lot, but I’m playing Tier 2 just to show I’m a vet. I would like to know if this will be fixed either of them. Thank you!

So far I am absolutely LOVING this game. It brings back so much nostalgia for me from old games like baldurs gate dark alliance, and champions of norrath. First off, I thank you for giving me the option to put a green highlight around my character, really brings me back to the good old days :joy: and helps me be able to distinguish myself. So far the only suggestion that I have for this game would be for the rogue class, nothing about the skills or anything. The main thing that bothers me about the rogue class is the arrows… when I’m firing volley after volley of arrows into a boss, I want to be able to see them!! Like in champions of norrath, the arrows stayed in the bodies and didn’t just disappear. I honestly think this is a highly underrated feature and if it was added, I wouldn’t even hesitate to start a rogue character lol

After these nerfs rogue feels pretty flat.

I’ve become next to useless except for on the boss fights, druids walk in the room and punch the floor twice and kill everything with pulverize.
Yet I’m flying and kiting around the room waiting on cooldowns while avoiding CC because if I take a hit I’m basically dead. Class felt great at launch. I’m seeing barbs and druids posting 200k+ crits with a single button and the ability to take a hit.

I don’t mind being a glass cannon kinda signed up for it if you are playing a rogue but you guys have taken the cannon out of it and now we are just glass hoping not to get stunned and shattered.

I think this nerf was a mistake and took away a lot of the rogues survivability. Not only are we being highly outclassed in dps but we have little to no survivability endgame.


Can we get a better cosmetic for Rouges? the others are pretty cool looking whilst rouge is so dry and lame looking. thanks

How about you guys look into the glyph NM dungeon bug for Barrage rogues plz
15 times today i havent been able to upgrade my glyphs due to Barrage rogue bug,


This post definitely needs a bump. I’ve recorded my experience with this issue. A lot of Rogues playing Barrage seem to be affected but am unsure if that is actually the root cause. Here’s my recording:

I’ve also gone ahead and compiled other threads with video evidence (can only post one more link):

If there is a better place to post this issue, please let me know and I will move it. Just looking for some acknowledgement on the bug.


I feel You m8, got this bug 4 or 5 times in a row today… I finished everything that game has to offer in OW activities and decided to upgrade some glyphs… the only endgame activity!? im exausted and all this time wasted for no xp or any progression, it’s already pretty booring(in my opinion) experience to run NM dungeons and not to speak of gear upgrades haven’t got anything decent in like 10lvls…
Season is done I guess xD

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I have played a lot of the Rogue in which is my favorite character. I have noticed that the Rogue is way under powered. I have my skills set up in accordance and nothing seems to help. I have equipped health stuff that doesn’t seem to give me anymore health. It seems I have to scavenge the entirety of the map to upgrade my Rogue then I can still barely make it through the campaign chapter. If you could make it where the Rogue has a constant increase in health at a tiny rate constantly at least or some sort of power boost that would be great but I don’t see how or where it could be found if anyone knows that would be great. Again, THE ROGUE IS WAY UNDERPOWERED!!

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Dear BLIZZARD - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sort out the bug preventing Rogues to UPGRADE GLYPHS when finishing NIGHTMARE DUNGEONS! It’s painful to start WT3 and get greeting with this bug. It’s been happening 1/3-5 dungeon runs.
Thank you. Sorry for hijacking the thread - seemed Rogue relevant.

Thank you for recording it and flagging! Sadly I don’t have the evidence, just the frustration. Thank you for the scientific method.

After this patch, sadly even less build diversity for Ranger.
Explosive Venom was once broken and is now fixed.
None of the Ranger professions do half as much damage as the others.
Sadly, for this reason, I will be dropping this game