"We do not plan on removing these items from the accounts" = RIP Diablo 4!

Continuing the discussion from HOTFIX 2 - July 7, 2023 - 1.0.4:

blizzard being blizzard…
Before the bug only two people had dropped this item, now they have identified that 142 took it and crossed their arms… Congratulations blizzard level intern!

I got completely discouraged by the game, I can’t even get into the game anymore… I’m going to play a few hours to test season 1 and look for other new games on gamepass and psn extra…


Well… I was almost incentivized to play the game more when I learned getting a Shako was possible but now that Blizz patched that fun out, what’s the point?? Virtually no chance of getting an ultra rare so I have no top end to entice me to play.

i mean 142 isn’t exactly a lot of people in the grand scheme of things. you’re still never going to see anyone wearing it.

Ignored this tool hours ago. It’s already nicer in here.

The problem is going forward.

If they’re willing to release buggy patches that spoil the game for many people without reversing their mistakes or being held responsible, even going against their own TOS. That is not acceptable for many of us.

I normally hate the term “rent free”, but it certainly seems apropos here. Ignored them but still coming into their thread and posting about how you ignored them? That’s pathetic. I’m sure he appreciates you bumping it to the top, though.

I’m spreading awareness to the rest of the community that there’s a better way to deal with the malignant malcontents.


I may try to get a refund. Im kinda irritated by this.

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How do you know it’s malignant if you can’t read it?

get over it… let them have their shakos…

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They basically just told the community to use exploits at every opportunity they can get.
If they screw up even bigger next time and not just 142 people, but several thousand profit from it, what are they gonna do?

Also nothing?
Or will they delete their stuff but for some obscure reason not that of the 142 people before them?

Blizzard set an example and people will behave accordingly and expect to be treated in the same way.

Whoever made this decision will 100% regret it at a later point.

If you believe only 142 people got it while it was bugged, I have a bridge to sell you.

Yea, this feels like an easy problem to fix, compared to something bigger down the line.

It could be 20042 people and you wouldn’t see someone wearing it. I bet everyone in this thread has inspected random people less than a dozen times total. I bet you’ve used in-game chat less than that.

This game isn’t multiplayer, it just appears to be. Most people largely play solo.

But hoooray! None of us will see it in our lifetimes! No one wins!

The only people who should be punished are those who used the exploit to open the same chest over and over.

They announced helltides would drop uniques. Of course people were going to rush to the helm chests. Why punish those people? Because people cant manage FOMO? This is the right decision and anyone who actually quits citing it as a reason had a foot out the door anyway.