This is open to interpretation

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the part i am curious about is this “Uber Unique items also have a chance to be found from all chests.” this implies to me that this is a seperate point to helltide chests. so does this mean that uber uniques can say… be found in a cellar chest? Or are they just referring to all helltide chests and are just not very specific with their wording?

Its just helltide. But by all means, flip that coin on any old chest :slight_smile:

This is where reading comprehension comes in as well as critical thinking, thought analysis and a bunch of other big words. But first, a side note, this is why I do not like English. We only have 6 tenses; no subject-noun agreement; all sorts of sound alike and all kinds of spelled alike words. So, the subject of the paragraph is Helltide chests. As such, the entire paragraph deals with Helltide chests. This means that Uber and normal Uniques may drop from Helltide chests. Why Blizzard did not state it this way is a question for the ages.

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EXACTLY! Adding in the word all “helltide” chests again would have saved any confusion. unless they do infact mean all chests. in either case i’d like them to just supply us with the actual information formatted in a way where we need no interpretation as we can see what can drop, where and the stipulations needed. especially when we are talking about something that someone could potentially mis-understand and spend 100’s to 1000’s of hours grinding for something that has a 0% chance to drop in the content they are farming…