They should be banned!

Continuing the discussion from HOTFIX 2 - July 7, 2023 - 1.0.4:

Honestly, I’ve learned my hard lesson back in the day… when there’s a bug or something that didn’t feel right, when you exploited once (whether unintentional or intentional), you get banned for it.

That’s what happen to me almost a decade ago, with D3 RMAH duping bug (remember it was about listing something then take it down after a patching bug. I got banned for testing the bug and made a dupe of half-decent rare amulet… and then I lost my collector’s edition for it. And, I had to bought my second copy just to keep playing without the wing wings…

If you don’t ban them for cheating and exploiting, at least you should remove it from their account.




Nah, they will leave it as it is. What are you gonna do about it? Cry some more?

your argumentative skills are equivalent to that of a 8 year old middle-schooler lmao

Doing Helltides and opening chests is intended gameplay.

You people presented your case for 24h, Blizzard decided it’s fine as is and won’t do anything.

End of discussion.

I think i had my first BJ at that age. Around that anyway.

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Send their first born to the gulag, that will teach them.

They didn’t ban dupers back in the day.

You want them to ban people for doing helltides?

They’ve banned botters and people using third party software to read and write memory addresses in use by the game client.

When have they banned players for completing endgame activities the way they’re meant to be done, simply because a patch gave higher than intended droprates?

They shouldn’t be banned. Go throw your hissyfit somewhere else.

Crybaby just keep on crying.

This is not an exploit. Just because you call it doesn’t make it right.

They play base on the mechanics that is in the game. It is no different than me leveling in Sunken Ruin.

An exploit is it like you drop something in town and immediately exit and rejoin the game and the item still on the floor when you join the game but also a copy in your stash.

They shouldn’t be banned. If Blizzard intends to uphold the spirit of their ToS, then their characters/accounts should be rolled back.

They’re not doing that though. Free passes for everyone.

So the next loot bug or exp exploit? It’s on sight. I’m not playing by the rules to lose out.

Look I get it. The issue came up and blizzard responded. It’s over regardless of you like the way it was handled or not. No amount of post is going to change anything.

I was just banned for “exploiting” Did a NM Dungeon on my 94 barb dragged low lvl’s through it. I was in town checking inventory and breaking down items… Which covers the chat bar. I had 0 clue these noobs were in the process of resetting the dungeon or respawning the mobs somehow i dunno i came out of the blacksmith screen to a invite and did the same dungeon again. Was under the impression they has opened the same one with a sigil… not done some shady stuff. And now I’m banned. Bought the collectors pre-order or Digital Deluxe edition, with the season and all the goodies. If I cant get this turned over I’m just done. I’ll go play different games, lunacy