They combined the worst parts of D2, D3, D Immortal

So I played the beta with a sorceress, and the game was more than disappointing that I don’t even know where to start. I started with a 40 - 60 minute que time, and after I was in I was greeted with a UI that is similar to Diablo immortal. Then, the game just made me run around vast amounts of empty lands without much being there in the game to this random village that was worshipping Lilith, made me go to this dungeon but the townsfolk wanted to kill me for some reason and the story is just extremely unclear and doesn’t even connect to Diablo 3 where it left off in any way. Like where is Tyrael? Didn’t he reform the Horadrim to improve it? Why is he nowhere to be seen? Also why is Inarius in Sanctuary? Didn’t he go missing from D3 lore?

I’ll try my best to list all of the issues I have for the game in different categories, I am someone who have been with the Franchise for more than 20 years starting with Diablo 2, I also am a seasonal player for Diablo 3 and even tried Diablo Immortal before quitting after 2 weeks. I’ll list all of the problems with Diablo 4 which I have encountered so far. I got to level 25 in the Beta and completed Act 1.


  • none of the plot connects to Diablo 3
  • barely anything is explained from where Diablo 2 left off
  • even Diablo Immortal’s story was much more clear cut than this one
  • why is the Horadrim a barely functional organization after Tyrael revived it in D3?
  • how and why is there a sudden religious sect worshipping Inarius?
  • I don’t see the appeal of this girl who’s mother started worshipping Lilith
  • why is Lilith appearing in a random church in a village of like 10 people? makes no sense
  • lack of notable characters of familiarity, I only recognized Lorath from D3 Reaper of Souls


  • What happened to the Nephalem in D3?
  • What happened to Tyrael? He was back in Sanctuary post ROS as a mortal
  • What happened to the Black Soulstone from D3?
  • Inarius Cult appears out of nowhere
  • So according to D4 lore, D3 lore and ROS never happened?
  • End of D3 ROS doesn’t connect to D4 Act 1 at all


  • you can’t use the teleport skill in town for sorceress, why???
  • teleport skill has a massive cooldown, just like diablo 3
  • they took the worst part of teleport from Diablo 2 and 3 and combine that for Diablo 4
  • extract legendary power is overpriced
  • there are some yellow items that you can’t salvage, and can only sell for 1 gold, why???
  • repetitive dungeons, “open 3 keys, kill all enemies, kill same bosses”
  • dungeons are a much more tedious and boring version of Diablo 3 rifts
  • world bosses, I don’t want to set a timer to do these, should be doable whenever

Server Issues

  • massive server lags
  • i get “pushed out” of a zone when I walk there since interface is loading
  • 30 plus minutes of que time
  • i get booted from the game time to time and gets put at the end of the que again
  • you have to talk to the same character 2-3 times (click) to actually start talking

Overall I feel that this game is terrible, Blizzard really combined the worst parts of Diablo 2, Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal and created Diablo 4. I even feel that Diablo Immortal was a much more enjoyable game as an F2P player than whatever this steaming pile of doggy doo doo they call “Diablo 4”, it is very disappointing, and the Beta seriously discouraged me from paying even 1 cent for this game when I was even considering purchasing the deluxe edition before I tried the beta. At least for Diablo Immortal I managed to play the game for 2 weeks, this Diablo 4 I can’t even last more than 6 hours, the game is simply terrible, the story is boring and unengaging with barely any connections to the rest of the Diablo series, and I have been much more disappointed in the series and in Blizzard even moreso than Diablo 3 and Diablo immortal combined, which if a very high bar of disappointment for me, but Blizzard managed to disappoint me to this degree anyways because truly Blizzard has proven itself to be a master of Overpromising and Underdelivering.

Edit 2

First of all, to those who complain that “ohhh but this is just the beta! You aren’t getting the ENTIRE story!!” I will remind everyone that we get to play ALL of Diablo 4 Act 1, we even get to COMPLETE this entire Act 1, so let’s compare how Act 1 in previous Diablo games, Diablo 2 and 3 connected to the previous games in their respective Act 1…

By the end of Diablo 2 Act 1, we got…

  • Deckard Cain is saved!
  • We see what happened to Tristram
  • We know that Aiden became the Dark Wanderer after Aidan shoved the stone in his head
  • We see what happened to the Rogue from Diablo 1
  • We start in the Rogue encampment, where the Rogue in Diablo 1 came from
  • We end Act 1 by following the path of Aidan from Diablo 1

Looks like a very clear connection to the previous game from Act 1 of the new game!

Now let’s look at how Diablo 3 Act 1 connects to the end of Diablo 2…

  • We find out that Tyrael became a mortal
  • We see how butterfly clown kills Cain (I hate the plot but hey still connects)
  • We learned that Nephalems are returning due to destruction of Worldstone
  • We get to continue the journey with Tyrael, who is now a mortal to guide us
  • We get to reforge Tyrael’s sword to restore his memory
  • We proceed into Act 2 under the guidance of the flagship character Tyrael

Looks like the plot (although I dislike many parts of it) still connects to the end of Diablo 2!

Now, let’s look at if Diablo 4 Act 1 (beta contains ALL of Act 1 as Blizzard claims) connects to Diablo 3…

  • Random Inarius cult
  • No reference to any Nephalems, even though it’s been longer since Worldstone destruction
  • Plot holes with Inarius retaining his wings and angel form

But I do know that after Inarius was defeated in the sin war by Uldyssian he taken into Mephisto custody and probably tortured for all eternity
Mephisto took Inarius to the Burning Hells. He bound Inarius with tremendous chains and slowly tore the wings from the back of the angel. Great barbed hooks were then used to stretch out his once glowing skin and his features were distorted by vile powers. Now, Inarius is said to be trapped in Hell within a chamber of mirrors, his eyelids torn from his face as he is forced to gaze upon his misshapen form for all eternity
This remains true to this day,
and Inarius has been denied even the freedom of death
So would like to know how he had wings and looked normal

  • No explanation of what happened to Tyrael and his efforts to actively reform Horadrim
  • Lack of familiar characters aside from Lorath, who doesn’t even talk about previous lore
  • “yeah just follow Lilith and go stop her, heh” … ok?
  • Any reference to Malthael’s huge Reaper army invading sanctuary? No? LOL
  • Inrarius wants to return to heaven? Last time I’ve been there in Diablo 3 I was told he is missing, not exiled…

Looks like the end of Diablo 3 is mostly ignored without there even being any connection!

Ok so this is a beta, you can use the “beta” excuse for server issues and possibly even gameplay issues, but remember that this beta gives us the ENTIRETY of Act 1 of Diablo 4, so no, “but but but this is BETA!!” is NOT an excuse for the poor narrative features and bad writing where reference to how things carried on from Diablo is almost completely ignored and simply missing. This is just terrible, terrible writing, and the poor narrative and storytelling in Diablo 4 Act 1 and it not connecting to the end of Diablo 3 has NOTHING to do with the beta.

We had something called a connection to where things left off BOTH in Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, and by the time we were done with Act 1 with those previous titles, we got a good glimpse of how things turned out from there until the start of the current game, and yes of course I don’t expect ALL of the answers to the plot by the end of Act one, there was a very clear connection to where things left off from the previous game, which is entirely missing by the end of Diablo 4’s Act 1. This is not an argument of whether if I “like” or “dislike” the not almost entirely separate plot or not, this is a simple statement which comes BEFORE liking or disliking the plot, a statement that the ENTIRETLY of Diablo 4 Act 1 doesn’t even connect back to the end of Diablo 3 at all…


There is a lot of repetition its true. This said, I am hopeful that they will diversify over time, given how much EMPTY space there is in the world, there is also at the same time a lot of room for expansion.
The slower pace is most welcome.
Its pretty hollow over-all and needs a lot of work to take it from a 6/10 for me at the moment, to a AAA game that we can only hope that it will be in the future. D3 started BAD, and eventually it ended up OK after RoS. D2 in fairness wasnt at its best out of the box and needed a lot of patching and eventually expansion to really make it the classic that it is today. Lets hope that this is the case here.


tyrael is probably some random human in disguise again like it was in the previous game


Wait, he did that?

I was wondering why the Horadrim even existed since Cain was the last surviving member.

Shows how much of certain parts of D3’s story I retained…

But yeah, the story so far is just, what? What the hell happened to the Nephalem (our PC in D3)? We could take down any angel or demon, and just magically don’t exist? Did we get Goku’s illness? Where even is Tyrael?

The plot makes no sense, but I haven’t seen much of any of it in D4 (got too bored to continue playing before level 10), plus it’s limited to the first act.


Screenname checks out, MisakaTrolls.


He’s in Heaven, behind the locked gates with all of the other angels that aren’t Inarius.

Tyrael reformed it in Reaper of Souls, the NPC in Diablo 4 called (the hermit) Lorath was his sidekick in Reaper of Souls to reform the Horadrim, Lorath was the spear wielding dude in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls.

At least Diablo 3’s story actively made efforts to connect to the previous story of Diablo 2, while that effort is entirely absent in Diablo 4, the gameplay is terrible and the story is even much worse and doesn’t connect at all to anything.


I made the connection to Lorath immediately from name alone, but all I can remember is:

“Why do you keep glancing over at Kadala?”
(Oh, uh… to make sure she’s not up to anything suspicious)

Guess I should go back to eating until I can’t take another bite.

This was literally the reason I tried to play Immortal. It was also a connection to D2, like Diablo 2.5, having old characters in it. But the game was so… y’know.

Ironically I got to a higher level in Immortal and spent more time playing it than I did D4.


Yeah, man… I do appreciate your criticism about this game’s weak storyline and weird omissions of previous chapters. Perhaps some of those holes will be filled by later acts, but it feels really weird right now.


Yeah. D4 isn’t a new game. The only thing new about it is the graphic update.

I really can’t believe the developers are okay with giving us such superficial and bland game play systems. F2P games do a better job than this. All D4 has going for it is the graphics.


It just feels like a generic f2p MMO to me. I can’t stand that bland crap.


Not going to lie, I don’t agree with a single point in your post except for the lag and server issues.

You absolutely slayed the game when you only had about less than 10% of it to play. Your story issues will most likely get answered when you actually finish playing (if you do).

Additionally your gameplay issues and cons are so miniscule of “issues” that I find it amazing you even were salty enough to write something this long for them.

My advice for you, stop looking for everything thing to go wrong before you even play it. Stop making your mind up before you even installed the game. Be optimistic they will fix stuff. Try not to look for something to be wrong so you can complain, and be optimistic for release in June.

Sorry that sounds harsh. But FFS, this forum needs to stop finding the smallest damn issues to crusify an entire franshice on. You all act like it is the damned end of the world for not being able to save 3 seconds by spamming teleport in towns. That made me snort when I read that.

EDIT: If you haven’t even bought it, then move on… stop making this place even worse for those of us looking forward to playing it. If you have bought it, even though you said you wouldn’t give a cent… then refund it. Get some fresh air, and MOVE ON!


While i dont agree with everything, my sentiment is the same.

Like how is there packs of deer running around with zombies and wolves lol…

This open world is not diablo… well see i guess but ao far im extremely dissapointed.


I can answer some of the Lore questions albiet there are current gaps thst hopefully we get answered.

Inarius formed a religion long before the events of even Diablo 1.

Tyrael started rebuilding the horadrem in reaper of souls.

What they arent telling us is what happened to our oped nephalim characters in D3, and how Inarius escaped hell to come back to sanctuary


Yeah same here, with Diablo Immortal the story somewhat made sense and even connected back to D2 with the Rogues and Akara, and even explains how Tyrael is trying to rebuild himself in heaven after the worldstone got destroyed and we even see returning chars like Zoltun Kule and get to visit his archives. While I have my criticisms of Diablo Immortal I was still able to enjoy at least 2 weeks out of it while I have already had enough of Diablo 4 after 6 hours, that really says something… the story in Diablo 4 makes almost no connection to the series at all and none of the characters are even slightly appealing.

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Siskel and Ebert wasted a lot of time reviewing full movies when they apparently could have told us everything based on the trailer.


And you don’t have to agree with me, the forums is a place for different people to share their different experiences with the game. You will see people disagreeing with you and there is NOTHING you can do about it. Yes I did play the game, yes I have constructive criticism about the game, yes that criticism isn’t something that you agree with me on but so what? You don’t have to agree with me nor do I have to agree with you. If you want to “remain optimistic” (copium) that is YOUR problem, and we can agree to disagree. I have experienced issues that are concerning to myself and others, even though you may not share the same concerns as we do, and that is fine.

My advice for you, why don’t you learn that other people are going to express opinions that you yourself don’t agree with? Stop making your mind up regarding how and what people should think about the game, as you can’t force OTHER people to enjoy the game and throw cash at Blizzard just as nobody else can force you to criticize the game.

Sorry that sounds harsh, but FFS this forum needs to stop fanboying for Blizzard and pretend that every time they take a doo on the floor, whether if its the disastrous error 3007 in Diablo 3 or the current error 316719 in Diablo 4 that this doo coming out from Blizzard automatically turns into gold. You can snort all you want, just as your post made me snort when I read yours as well, it goes both ways, if you haven’t figured it out yet.

No I haven’t bought it, but I am also writing this review and thoughts about the game REGARDLESS of whether you like my opinion or not. I am making this place even better for those of us who are looking to see the game with constructive criticism and make informed decisions based on player experience whether or not we would make our individual choice to purchase the game or not. Perhaps it goes against your “remain optimistic (copium)” method of throwing cash at Blizzard without asking much questions, but you need to understand that not everyone throws money at Blizzard like you do, many of us prefer to enjoy making informed decisions before purchasing the game, even if you do not. You saw a thread you can’t agree with, now get some fresh air, and MOVE ON!


The games fine, cry more.


Nice argument you got there, the game is NOT fine for many, that’s why we are complaining and writing about WHY the game is not fine in it’s current state. What is the point of having an open beta if the game is fine? Surely there is no need for any testing of the game that is supposed to be fine no? Very strange…


The servers are up and running, it’s a you issue.