The reactions on Necro nerfs are hilarious to read and watch on stream

They shouldn’t have done a single bit of balancing based on limited “beta” testing, when you’re capped at such a low level. These people complaining about a class at level 30 being “OP” have literally no idea how they will perform at max level in comparison to other classes/builds.
Now perhaps this nerf was in relation to feedback from the full beta version and not the limited beta but it’s really not a good look that the balance tuning occurred after the limited betas (which necro/sorc got the most cries for nerfs) and just before the server slam. None of this really gives me hope for how balancing will be handled after release.

Anyone who thinks necromancer pets are fine in their current state is one of three things.

They haven’t played a necro and are ignorant of the reality of their minions at the moment.

They’re trolling in which case I’m sure their parents would be proud of their accomplishments in life.

They’re someone who hates people having fun with minion builds and are working to actively sabotage their experience.


Get off of twitch and social media and try playing as one then. If you think skeletons melting in every aoe and dot pool on the ground is good gameplay, then I’m glad you aren’t a game developer.


Nah, just people with sense who understand that having skeletons with each as much health as players is incredibly hilarious for an idea of a balanced game.

But the pet is a damaging skill, it’s the same thing to invest into any other skill.

I played Necro a little, the first boss from the intro kill your summons in one hit, it’s ridiculous! The wolfs from the Druid is way more durable.

I don’t think that killing your mobs in one hit is the way to balance the class, if the problem was their damage then nerf the damage but not the survivability.

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I’ll never understand why so many people buy ARPG and just want to play AFKRPG

It’s not though, you still have your generator and spender, you still curse, you still resummon and buff them, they just need to not be useless.


Why do you care how people play? Why does it negatively affect you if there is an AFK minion master playstyle? There’s other classes/playstyles for you to choose if you want to manage a bunch of abilities at once.

Debuffing and buffing while your minions do all the damage is an ARPG minion master staple playstyle.


Even Rod Fergusson agreed that this is not the intention being skeletons so useless…


No class should be free from having to move/position/dodge attacks.

Yeah, right, make the change retroactive for D2 aswell.

Those damn minions tanking ubers, how dare they.
Even if they take 10 times as long to kill anything anyway.

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That’s not how minion builds work in any ARPG ever

Thats not how they work.

I always avoid playing as the necromancer because it turns the game into easy mode. Now I’m considering trying it since it has a git gud element. 90% of games I play are RNG looters, survival, or Souls games though. Maybe I’m not in the norm.

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There were no “git gud” elements to having your pets melt to regular mobs in WT1. There are no such elements to having your pets just get 1shot by bosses because you have zero control over them either.


“The team has just deployed a hotfix for the Diablo 4 Server Slam that will be addressing some of the feedback we’ve seen regarding Necromancer pets and their survivability,” it says. “This is a backend change so users will not need to download a new update. The hotfix will take a few hours to deploy to all users.”

Blizz is suddenly listening to community feedback. Balance is a Journey and they are clearly willing to work on it

This weekend was the first time I’ve played a Necro, I’d say they weren’t fine. At least on boss fights. Blood lance or whatever that spell was carried the fight once my 5 skels died usually early in a fight. By level 11 or so I’d realized that the minions were a waste of points for boss fights.


The thing with Andariel is that she could one-shot most things with her poison. She’s the sole reason I used Antidote Potions.

My entire undead squad should NOT be wiped out in its entirety by a single swipe from a random bear in the woods because they all cluster up and only have, like, 20 HP.
My class’s core mechanic should never be completely useless in the game’s primary gameplay loop. It’s like telling a Barbarian that they only get one weapon, or a Sorcerer only has one viable enchantment. Actually, it’s worse than that, since a Sorcerer’s enchantments don’t waste resources. Every corpse wasted on Animate Dead is one that can’t be exploded or used for something else.


Your skeletons are not your only source of damage… They can create corpses for you to detonate. In fact there are several skills that are quite nice to use alongside summoned skeletons.