Taunt not working since 1.1.1

This was fun now it’s not because you broke it blizzard

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This should be an easy fix for Blizz, which I hope they do fast. This build is fun and effective.


Please, at least let us know if it’s been acknowledged as a bug and when it’s going to be fixed, because right now it’s just a heart socket wasted that could be filled with something else. I prefer not to do that if it’s going to be fixed soon though


Same boat here my shadows and traps taunt the enemy but they all run to me and I see on top of the enemy the barbarian taunt icon ?


It’s more than jsut a wasted socket. It literally breaks builds. I’m 87 and cant play my toon in anything above “same-level” content. Meaning I can’t NMD, I can barely get through Helltides. I built specificly for having this taunt. So I get blown up over and over because I don’t have the survivability to tank more than a couple hits. So, 87 levels (idk how much time invested but I didn’t power level or bum rush anything just for xp) and now I can’t play …



Not only does this break my build, but it was also burning at least 2 of my cooldowns (Poison Trap → Dash), whilest also drawing the newly enlarged group of mobs onto the spot where my Dash ended.

I can’t play this game anymore. It was broken to begin with, but now it’s literally breaking the one or two things left that I enjoyed about it.


Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any response from Blizzard, so probably it will not be a high priority to hotfix.


Yes, Heart of Trickery is broken since 1.1.1.

This affects a lot of builds. Should be easy to patch asap?


Adding my discontent as well. Shadow clone lure was awesome. Please fix !


Incomplete, and fundamentally broken trash game from a has-been developer.
Will be my last blizzard game purchase.


Dear Blizzard,

I had no doubt that you’d manage to break at least one of the malignant heart effects, thanks for breaking the exact one my seasonal rouge is built around.


Well, let me kindly disagree with that. I’m 83 right now (penetrating shot build) and was happily doing up to nm60 before patch. Now it’s certainly harder, but still doable, at least for me. By no means the decoy is my only way of surviving a fight, that doesn’t seem a wise choice in any case.

On a side note: guys, please, PLEASE stop being mean. You’re just adding noise and making following discussions harder. One thing is being disappointed, other thing is being a$$holes.


Agreed, I posted here on this same thing:


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@HolySmoke, I have to agree with not being mean or being outright rude… but it is crazy to patch something like this for PVP and it affects all PVE.

Being a has-been developer as well I have to agree with @Jhunted.

I’m only a casual gamer because of life and work, and having the first season of Diablo and not much time to play… my play style and build was built completely around this malignant heart. (I had even accidentally salvaged a jewelry with this malignant and had to go back through my stash to get another one with a slightly lower roll that I hadn’t gotten rid of yet)

As with you, @HolySmoke, I can still clear pretty hard dungeons and packs of elites even without the taunt. But my rogue has to be so much more mobile now. Therefore it takes anywhere from two times to three times the time to clear a dungeon or similar. (And I roll through a lot of potions, and have to be very aware of my current elixir and the current environment… not for survivability per say… but just to have fun)

I guess what I’m saying is I can commiserate with those who are very angry… because instead of me just refunding my skills and paragon and starting from scratch. I may login and play an eternal character here and there… but I don’t think I’m going to play Season 1 until this is fixed, and may not play at all.

But if the next Season comes along and this isn’t patched… I don’t see the point of buying another season pass would be. May just move to another game entirely.

Honestly, it seems like a careless patch.

Bug reports come in for Rogue’s destroying people in PVP because of the taunt. I mean for my malignant heart(s) it’s a total of 5.5 seconds of taunt… and then an explosion. I don’t PVP but I guess this could wreck havoc in the balance of PVP.

Dev gets ticket.

Dev(s) take ticket and employ a fix similar to:

  • Given, current player has Brutal Heart with Shadow Decoy Trap
  • When, a subterfuge skill is used and Shadow Decoy Trap deployed
  • Then, taunt should be on player and not Shadow Decoy Trap for enemies

However, they used enemies, as opposed to PVP enemy… which I’m sure there is a classification of that in their code.

As many others have said in the forums since the patch, and on reddit… here is just one reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/diablo4/comments/15ltz8v/this_patch_111_changed_the_way_that_taunt_works/

It fundamentally changed the way this malignant heart worked which is the “Season of the Malignant”.

It probably is a lot harder in the code… because if in the PVP zone… should the Shadow Decoy still taunt PvE enemies in the PVP zone, but PVP enemies should not be taunted by shadow decoy? Or in the PVP zone should the malignant heart not taunt at all and only provide the explosion benefit?

Either way… I’m a casual player and don’t think I’ll play until this is fixed. I don’t have the time or energy to refund everything and go with another build. Don’t want to start another character, and hope it’s fixed before the next Season. Yes, my character is still functional, yes I can still clear enemies and dungeons, no I don’t want it to take 3 times longer and if playing in a group… or watching other people clear enemies on an equal level… my build just doesn’t make sense anymore.


By the way, the heart didn’t work vs. Elites anyway. Hopefully they can fix that as well.

I’ve stopped playing until this heart gets hotfixed. It’s not defining my build but it does hurt a lot when it’s inactive. To a point where I don’t really want to bother.

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LOL ok my guy…hahaha


First of all, thank you for spending this much time writing a nice and detailed post.

Let me be totally clear, I’m not justifying in any way what’s currently happening with this patch. I still can’t figure out how a similar bug got into a release. I’m convinced that they’re not doing tests at all, and if they do, they should revise their methodology as soon as possible.

Having said that, we don’t really know what’s going on at Blizzard’s HQ, we don’t know which deadlines developers have or how development time is managed over there. That’s mainly why I became so irritated when people gets mad at them.

From players’ perspective though, I must admit that all of this is pretty much irrelevant. We’re seeing what could have been a great installment in Diablo’s franchise (if not the best, IMO) treated like a student’s holiday project, and that’s just sad.

I’m still hoping to see improvements in the next months, after all it’s in Blizzard’s interest too to at least try to meet their customer expectations. There’s no game without players.

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Rejoice, it’s been fixed bois! HOTFIX 6 - August 9, 2023 - 1.1.1


Thank God… Some faith restored :sweat_smile:

A lot of the vitriol would stop if someone from Blizz would actually communicate with the players and acknowledge the problems. It’s a live service, but they treat it like it’s just another solo offline video game.

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