Taunt not working since 1.1.1

Well I am (was) playing a ranged rogue (hunter) with traps and the heart which taunts enemies if you place a trap (among others). Worked perfectly well untill patch 1.1.1. Enemies were running to the trap from quite some distance ingoring my hunter. Real fun.

Now enemies ignore the taunt and still run towards and attack my character. Playstyle broken. Thank you. Bye Bye.


Came here to say this.

The ONE good thing I liked this season…


Yes, the fix you made to the Trickery malignant power completely broke the ability. I WAS enjoying the build. I’m seriously disappointed.


Same issue here. It really brakes my build. I use the taunt to gather everything up then big explosions! Except now the taunt doesn’t work. So my small range AoE bombs no longer hit everything :frowning:


You can add me to the list of dissatisfied customers.
Was dreading season end because I’d lose that perk. Looks like season ended early. :frowning:


Same here. The taunt does nothing since the patch. Tried it during helltide and after to see whether the monster level makes a difference, but no. Even fly swarms ignore the taunt. As it it now, the heart is useless.
This taunt was the one rogue heart I was hoping would survive as an aspect beyond the season. It’s such a great build enhancer for ranged rogues.


same problem. hopefully it gets dealt with asap.


Fix this or i need refund


Same problem here. Fix please.


Actually, after some testing, the taunt 1/2 works. It does actually taunt the monsters. It just taunts them to your character and not the clone. Ranged mobs stop doing ranged attacks and come straight at you after you drop a clone.


Oh great, I always wanted attention. Wait … :wink:

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came here to say this – unstable decoy from rogue malignant heart skill gives enemies the taunt status but they no longer walk toward it or attack it, rendering it useless for grouping enemies on my decoy shadow

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I didn’t say it was a good thing. I was just giving info for the devs for troubleshooting :slight_smile:


I know. Sorry for the bad joke :smiley:

Shadow clone taunt is now broken for me as well, hopefully this doesn’t take a month to fix. Hard to believe this games price tag considering the condition it’s in.


Before 1.1.1 the taunt icon wasn’t appearing over the mobs. Seems to me that they replaced the previous effect with the barbarian’s Challenging Shout taunt but didn’t set the target to the decoy instead of the character itself…


All good. Honestly I’ll take this bug over the old Barber one. I couldn’t use the Barber heart before cause I’m a trapper and I depend on the procs to keep traps rolling and the procs would not … well … proc. so no bombs or CDR or anything while they were “immune”. Now I can use the barber and still round them up. I jsut have to be a little more careful since I’;m rounding them up on myself now.

Same issue here. When I put down a poison trap I have the taunted icon appear above the enemies’ heads and they all sprint towards my character instead of the shadow clone lol

Think I’ll hold off on playing my hardcore character until this gets addressed. Good luck all, be safe! :smiling_face:


My Rogue is broken. Need the taunt for the trap build to help pull in the monsters before I lay down my ultimate trap and others skills. Now it doesn’t work.

I hope this is patched quickly or I am out until season 2 or permanently.


Yes also just adding to this list. not even 5 minutes of playing new patch and tried multiple times to trap/decoy taunt and although TAUNT appears above mob npc, its treated like it does not even exist. Unequipped item and reequipped, but unfortunately did not fix.

Please fix if this forum is being reviewed.