Shako drops need to be rolled back AND exploiters BANNED

I say just delete all super uniques that dropped. We’ll need to see a Blizzard response to this with the resolution. I also am calling for the banning of anyone who has activity of opening helm chests in Helltides multiple times. It’s obvious they were exploiting. That’s not a normal activity to keep doing especially if you are already geared. Blizz needs to ban players like this or at least delete all their characters so they have to start over.

I know you will do the right thing Blizzard.


I have a strong sense of justice and Blizzard CM made a post stating they will let “142 players with exploited uber uniques keep their items”. How can I play a game that condones cheating? This was what caused me to uninstall.


It was a bug, not an exploit.


They can’t punish people for playing the game. Rollbacks are possible, yes. But they can’t call anyone who opened helm chests an exploiter. That’s silly.

I wasn’t on last night. I saw the video and I still didn’t log in.

Getting a shako is no big deal to me. It’s a great item but it’s pixels and I was busy doing something else.

I don’t care if people have them, either. It doesn’t effect me in any way whatsoever. The blame belongs solely with Blizzard who introduced the mechanic.

The player base was simply playing the game.


i agree with the rollback but the ban no. Opening helltides chest is such a normal activity.

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It’s an exploit because they willingly did an activity that is not considered normal activity to gain an advantage on everyone else. They opened helm chests in helltides repeatedly. Many of them would not normally even be in Helltides because they are super geared but all of a sudden they are opening helm chests and then switching to alts to open up more helm chests. Why? Because they are exploiting a bug.

Now that it is explained I’d like to see a rollback AND bans.

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definition from wikipedia:
In video games, an exploit is the use of a bug or glitch, or use elements of a game system in a manner not intended by the game’s designers, in a way that gives a substantial unfair advantage to players using it.


Banned for opening helltide chests? Are you literally high? There’s no exploit, if you didnt open youtube and were simply playing the game, you could have gotten a shako on a barb or wizard by PLAYING THE GAME NORMALLY. I cant stand people like you, please, just stop.


I was planning on opening helm chest to target farm shako today because of the patch changes to uniques dropping. So many people were there just because of that change.

It was a bug that was exploited. It clearly was, there were organized efforts to take advantage of it.


Are the organized efforts in Your room with You?

Leave the drop rate until season 1 so everyone can experience uber unique’s

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Before I respond, I need to ask, are you mentally disabled?

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The only ones that should be banned are the content creators who spread it around to make money. The items should be removed as well. Not the players fault (in some cases it is but you can’t separate them out)


You must admit, though, a normal person running helltide after the patch could have gotten a shako. That is not exploiting. Running helltide over and over, which many people do, again, not a exploit. People were literally just running helltide and opening chests, there is no exploit here!

An exploit is a bug that is exploited.


What do you think an exploit is?


We will get a fresh start

Let’s everyone in the so called graveyard get Shako

Why not?

Yes, I agree, there will be an obvious difference in activity between someone running a normal helltide and someone taking advantage of a known bug.

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might as well just go ahead and delete your game also never come back too the forum so we dont have to read the nonsense anymore dont be a CB

there is no obvious difference. I was planning on opening helm chest today due to the change to try my luck with a shako.

Banned? God damn you are a :potato: