Shako drops need to be rolled back AND exploiters BANNED

So let’s say I was running my Helltide normally, opened my usual chests and dropped a Shako, am I now an exploiter simply because I did what I’ve been doing every day? Of course not. If I farmed 10 of them sure you probably have a point in that specific case.

Here we have another perfect example of entitled millenial cancel culture.

They don’t like something, and want it erased from existence while punishing those that have that something.


If it cuts down the sheer number of click bait youtube videos maybe not the worst thing ever?

Also itt lots of people who don’t know what a bug is or isn’t.

Doing something malicious to gain something. Left clicking on a chest aint that chief. They didn’t circumvent some system or do some weird stuff to get it to drop, they just did what they did before the patch and what you can still do now.

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No normal person would boost a toon to enable them to get into a t4 helltide and farm the same targeted chest over and over. Just because something is not obvious to you does not mean it is not obvious to the average person.


If you didn’t know then it’s not an exploit. If you farmed it with friends and 10 alt accounts it’s an exploit.

The problem is, people did this.

So they need to remove the item from everyone who got it after the patch.

You are literally throwing a tantrum about some loot in a video game. And You are asking me about mentaly disabled?


Mental disability confirmed.

You’re brave for admitting it, acceptance is the first step.

Two edits on your post, you’re almost there.

I stopped playing whetting for season to be fresh

Because eternal will be a


Why anyone cares about graveyard drops


Still not obvious enough. If there was some secret way to make it spawn a shako. There was no secret way to spawn a shako. You just clicked the chest as normal. Leveling a character is not an exploit.

I don’t want them banned because I’m vindictive. It is simply about the greater good. These are players who willingly exploited. They are likely to do it again in the future. Why not remove them or at least make them feel a bit of pain such a deleting all their characters or make them rebuy D4? I think that’s a reasonable solution. Of course the uber uniques need to be removed as well.

People getting multiple Shakos in a matter of an minutes cannot be more obvious. I never said anything about people being banned, just pointing out that it’s gonna be pretty clear to the dev team who was abusing the bug.

It’s not a blame thing, players that got it, all 10 of them, likely had no idea, however because it was a bug the term used to describe the acquisition of said Shako, is called an exploit.

Soo players were literally collecting embers and clicking to open a chest and BAM its like magic that it dropped? Sounds like someone spaghetti’d the code and made an error on the back end of the game.

The blame is not towards the players. For doing a normal in game activity that HAS already been established in the game…

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If i cant have nice things, you cant either!!

OH NO! I simply cannot comprehend the sheer amount of horror that has ensued by 10 people getting these on their alts. (If that happened, prove it).

But there is one thing that I do know, is that you’re being a baby because they have something that you don’t have. AND IT DOESN’T AFFECT YOU AT ALL. But you want those people punished.

At this point you might as well just ask to speak to the manager.

3 options. 1. Remove the shakos that dropped 2. Keep the drop rate until S1 3. fix bug and do nothing. 1 and 3 are bad for biz.

Imagine if this is not sarcasm.