Shako: Dealer errors do not result in player loss

Practically, you are most likely correct, but technically, incorrect. If Shako’s drop rate was even 0.000000001%, and the INTENT of Blizzard was to make helltides chest drop uniques, then yes there was a chance that someone that got it via the bug would have hit that 0.00000001% drop rate and got it anyways.


Removing an item that shouldn’t have dropped isn’t a “penalty”.

The only “penalty” would be removing actual legitimate uber rare drops, and it’s very likely there were none during that short time period. They can probably even narrow it down to those obtained from Hellfire chests.

RIGHT, no it does not, only if you have problems with imagination infringing on reality.

Yesterday I had Blizzard nerf an aspect in my helm because of a bug on their end. I don’t hear anyone saying they shouldn’t have done that. I threw away a lot of aspects thinking I was good to go. I don’t see a difference here.

The unique was not the problem as stated, either you remove all the items found during that period or nothing, you can’t have half and half

Yeah! Everyone who got a season yesterday needs to be rolled back too!


I agree with you that there was a chance. It is most likely however that no one would have. And if there was 1 player who legitimately would have gotten it, I think that is less damaging than leaving them for everyone that got them.

That’s why you don’t ban them unless you have real evidence of exploiting, like videos explaining how it’s done.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fix the problem by removing the items or making them common, so everyone can get one.

Why, exactly?

The only time these players interact with other players is PvP, and world events that simply do not matter.

As for PvP, it’s barely even in the game. An afterthought. There’s no leaderboard, no tracking, nothing. It’s worthless, added only to satiate people who need to PvP because they did so in D2 (where you could have a friend drop you BiS gear the first 10 seconds you joined the game).

If every single player on earth had Shako tonight and I didn’t - it would change nothing. I’d still be doing the exact same NM dungeons at the exact same levels. My class is a bigger detriment to Uber Lilith than me not having a shako.

I don’t really understand what you are meaning by this. Can you elaborate?

“an issue with Helltide Chest drops”, the unique is not the problem as you stated

Someone needs to make a gif of one of those shady guys wearing a trench coat. It opening the coat and saying “You want shako? I got shako right here”.


Think its even simpeler, nuke all shako’s dropped from the helltide chests. you can’t tell me blizz dont have the tools… oh wait… they didnt even manage to have a proper leaderboard for the names on the lilith statue… :blush:

You can’t, because not only shakos drop from helltide chests

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I believe I’ve already explained my personal reasoning in this post but I will explain:

I know there is not a tangible or direct effect on my gameplay from this. It does however affect my experience in a negative way. They mystery and excitement of uber uniques is a big grinding motivator for me.

If I find one in 2 years of grinding, that sense of excitement I should feel will be greatly diminished for me in light of the fact many people have gotten the item in an hour through a bug.

It isn’t a logical thing, you don’t have to agree, but I cannot change how I feel about the situation and it has had a negative impact on my experience with the game.


While it is that simple I do not see the Dev team doing this. Again as numerous people have said they released a crap batch of code. The players simply said hey look increased drop rate of this helm at the fault of blizzard. I do not see them rolling this back the player base is nothing more than a dollar sign and a number. They already got your dollar and you already took a number so leave if you will they won’t care.

I really don’t know where you are going with this. Do you not know that the issue with the helltide chests was that they were dropping uber rare uniques at an extremely high and unintended rate?

Nope, if so, everybody would have one wich is not the case, a minority got that item,

Helltide chests don’t only drop uniques, but tons of rares, you see the point?

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Nerf the item and make them common and add new chase rares.