Shadow nerf or another blizzard oopsie lol

It seems to be as strong as I had it, but its timer seems way longer. Something’s definitely different than yesterday.

It’s funny you mention that game on steam with a full friends list, one person is playing that game. Oh yeah, it’s blowing up… -snickers-

I mean players would rather be told the truth and be patient then be lied to by a team just rushing everything and making a mess of it while they do it.

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I tell people the same thing about D4, your friends list is anecdotal…same thing with Twitch viewership, for BG3, it’s gone way down.

That said, it didn’t sell massively. It had huge hype. That hype has died. As it does with all new releases. The real test is longevity. A game like Hogwart’s Legacy is still selling. D4 also sold well in July (we’ll see about August). I feel like BG3 is going to be niche, just like OS2.

Players won’t believe anything they are told and they would absolutely not be patient. They were told the truth about stash tabs (as far as any evidence shows) and yet they still believe that (a) it was an embarrassing sign that the game will always be trash, (b) it was lie, and (c) it will take far too long to fix.

I guarantee players would rather have more stash tabs tomorrow followed by 10 hotifxes to get the lag in towns under control than have less lag and less stash space. If that course were feasible, Blizzard would be right to take it.

Actually, most of my friends are all from one discord, and usually they’re all packed into one game or another. Literally one person playing it. I rode the nostalgia train one last time. Blizzard managed to run it into a wall, at full speed.

To each their own. I’m not happy with the state of the game, wasn’t with D3 either. Then I ended up playing the crap out of D3 once RoS launched. I have friends that just bought D4 and are playing, but I’m not going to act like that’s a sign the game is healthy. My own perspective. Didn’t mean to throw it on you.


Most players were going to swing in and out of seasons. But mistrust ruins that and I think we can all agree that damages the chances of that happening when the devs say " we will be upfront with the players about changes that are coming up" and then do the opposite.

The couple RL friends I brought to Diablo 4, I actually gave them their money back. It’s not an easy sell to get people to come play. They weren’t expecting the wowdiablo MMO experience, we played longer than 2 hours. They really tried…

They might be paying you back in a year or two. I should know by now that isometric arpg are total crap at launch. I have yet to find one that doesn’t need loads of work. Thing with me is, I’m cool just going onto other games and checking back. I paid for this. I’ve sunk 200 hours into it. I feel I got my money’s worth, a lot more time spent here than in most games I play. It’s not going anywhere.

Does anyone know the current state of this? Is any issue with the barber supposed to be resolved or are we in some kind of rollback hell that the developers put us in?

My experience playing the game just minutes ago suggest something is deeply broken with the barber, but I have no idea what.

Pretty sure above in one of the posts they said they rolled back the hotfix. An official post was the source.

Okay so things are supposed to be “fixed”, i.e. in the same state that they were a couple days ago? If so, my experience says otherwise, I’m observing 1-10% of my damage output I had yesterday.

I haven’t logged in since yesterday. So I don’t know if it’s fixed or not, personally. But, their post says it should be back to normal.

My damage seems back to normal. But, I only ran a couple 37’s and a world boss, so it’s hard to tell fully.

and that was the thing that helped me compensate for the lacking dmg of minion build.

GG blizz

There are a few builds that pretty much have to crutch the barber heart. So a shadow nerf to its functionality affects a lot of us. I am glad they did a rollback, though.

When I saw this happen earlier today, I had to wonder why they can’t fix something like lag without breaking something else? You can’t just nerf or break something that is the highlight of a season. I mean, I guess you can.

Surprised there wasn’t a bigger uproar.

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Same here. Went from level 78 to 79 and all of a sudden my hammer barb is taking a lot longer to kill anything.

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Yup… Sad but true.