Shadow nerf or another blizzard oopsie lol

Doesn’t sound to be the case dingus.

HOTFIX 2 - AUGUST 21, 2023 - 1.1.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Heart of the Barber which caused performance issues for players.

I haven’t played today and now I’m worried to even log on. My entire build is broken completely without Barber Heart.
Ramping Neco build, use Bonewall to proc Barber for millions of damage. The wall counts as minions, so with Ring of Mendeln + Barber I could just blow up everything.

I swore this was a “haha made you look!” post. Thanks for the chuckle there…


Continuing the discussion from Hotfix 3 - August 22, 2023 - 1.1.2:

they said they were not going to nerf bomb us anymore. Maybe they should have just tested their own game instead of making us pay to beta test a game that will die in months at this rate.

You supporting this change shows you are the perfect sheep they are looking for , or maybe even paid. All I know is you saying this shows how doomed this game is if you are happy about the only part of season 1 just not working and destroying literally every build.


Guess I’ll just spend my time cleaning out my system then. After they said the hearts would give us “stupid broken builds to play with” for the season if they stealth injected an ICD then whatever credibility was left is out the window. It was literally the only thing propping up my Barrage/Rapid Fire build since I have no ultimate to wipe out entire screenfuls of mobs at a time to nuke those “champions” (damage aura mobs) like the meta builds.


Stop believing half the things people post here, and on the internet in general. It’s not intended and they’re looking into it.

ok ill give them a rare W for being so fast on this response

A new blue post update for the original hotfix post appears to have just been put up:

Continuing the discussion from Hotfix 3 - August 22, 2023 - 1.1.2:

I’ll still clean out my system anyway since I need to make a hardware change. Hopefully by then the rollback will be properly applied.

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You giving out W’s for a company who can make every mistake possible? Not to mention lie to their players over and over again… HMMM


I mean have you ever done a software rollout? There is this thing called…testing. They do not test anything so I will never give them credit for developing the game completely backwards.

Game came out in June and we are not even 3 months in and most of the players left because they are tired of “INDUSTRY WORST PRACTICES”.

Can you take your cope and go elsewhere? Thanks


Okay, Miss Information.

You can’t have fun, the mobs do! That is how blizzard is doing things. You were nerfed, and you couldn’t have fun ? Yeah, blizzard fixed it with more mobs density, more mobs CC LOL!

You asked why did they not mention anything about the patch ? Until too late ? Yeah, they will do shadow nerfs, and not only to barber, but to many other things LOL

Yes actually, both software and hardware small and large scale. Problems happen more often than you’d think for various reasons.

I mean yes and no, the idea is to test the rollout to see potential issues. Do this within a sandbox with an internal testing team.

It is our issue that their team doesn’t have anyone on it and we are their testers? The cope with you is strong. If you do not believe me than explain why Baldurs gate 3 is SMASHING everything atm. People saying “You should play Baldurs Gate to see what a proper thought out game looks like” .

Also here is an idea, don’t lose your whole team over sexual assualt allegations so the people who started coding the game don’t disappear and the knowledge of how the code interacted as well…

**Note to add, I have done MASSIVE ROLLOUTS in a huge financial company (Grant Thornton) and I will tell you that we spent weeks if not months testing things before we ever though about introducing it to any employee outside of the sandbox. For example we might had had 1 person in a division using a dummy computer to test the new interactions. If things went wrong they have their original machine to fall back on.

AKA we provided 2 environments for testing and 0 downtime

So what excuse does blizzard have? **

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If you took an infinite number of monkeys banging away at an infinite number of keyboards for the rest of infinite they would eventually write the entire works of Shakespeare…

If you’re on a budget, you could take 5 monkeys and let them bang at keyboards for 15 minutes and you would get a current year Blizzard game.

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Another fun detected being nerfed!

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Considering lag breaks core combat mechanics in this game, id say everything.

There are so many times, where damage just does not register for 20+ seconds up to several minutes depending on the fight and build.

Its super inconsistent and largely due to positional desync because the server response time is horrible.

All I see these devs doing is adding more and more poorly optimized validation server side and it breaking the game. Its gotten to the point, where I can tell mid fight where the server thinks I am and monsters are, and I adjust my position so I can actually do damage. Its enough of a positional deync to be 1 or 2 screens over in the worst cases, and when the mob, boss, or other players dies, it teleports you over and loot drops where server thinks you are.

Now they dicking around with sneaking an internal cooldown on the Barber. Not only are the devs incompetent they are shady. This company and game are a lost cause. At this point Ill probably just download PoE.


AFAICT its been hours since they said they rolled back this bugged hotfix to barber, but I’m playing right now and can confirm I’m still affected by it.

Games are way more complex and they don’t have months to test each change because the players flip out if it takes a day to change a thing

seems like this is what happened… blizz rolled out some changes and barber is causing lag like crazy. Devs have no idea how to roll back so made barber proc less often to limit the lag incidents. Claims it as “rollback”.