Server slam Drop rate is abysmall 7h 0 legendarys

The new legendary drop rate, is terrible 7h 0 drops, if this is the intended drop rate, it will really get boring really fast. would sugget to be more generous with the drop rate it feels like D3 was in the beginning :confused:


People complained about too many legendary drops.
Ive had 2 legendaries dropped so far. You are just impatient.


God forbid you play Diablo 2 Resurrected or Lord of Destruction then, lol.

If you think your dryspell of 7 hours is bad, you’re in for a rude awakening playing those games.

Scarcity creates interest, as weird as it sounds.
If loot rained from the sky as it does in Diablo 3, the vast majority of players will get bored before long because you’re being spoonfed everything.


My experience is similar to yours. 5 hours played, rogue to level 20, and 0 legendary drops. I don’t want them dropping like in the previous beta, but 0 in 5 hours is not fun at all.


This is also early game. We’re not playing the full game.
Loot will begin to manifest before you when we’ve got the full game and we’re near or at max level. (35-100)… Okay, so maybe not near, but in that range, lol.


That is how it is supposed to be.


You’re leveling to 20 playing early-game content. Get your codex affixes if you want legendary powers. Threads like these are hilarious.


lvl 20. 1 legendary after 4 hours. this is supposed to be the release version. hopefully it will increase as we reach cap in full game. i believe that likely.

This is intended. It’s supposed to be extremely low.


In fact, 7 hours for a legendary in a veteran tier would be an easy game. I’d like 12 hours or more and 4 to 5 times for a unique. Higher the tier, higher the difficult to obtain.

I like getting more frequent legendaries and then then finding the right or best legendary takes time


got 3 so far. But the big nerf is the obel vendor. Bought like 10 helms like 7 whites 3 blues…That would of been maybe 1 blue 5 yellows and 4 legos in first beta.


Lol I hope you’re trolling.

  1. You max at level 20…out of 100.
  2. Legendary items aren’t going to be dropping every 5 seconds like Diablo 3. They said this.
  3. Why on earth would you want all your legendary items sub-20. It would make the game as boring as Diablo 3.
  4. Someone please get baby his binky.
  5. Please.
  6. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

I think drop rates are probably O.K. as they are now though I did get 8 yellows in an hour and a half and it felt like it possibly was too much. I do not want watered down drops where I don’t enjoy/appreciate a drop when I get it because it drops too often.

In D2, before seasons and ladders, I went through the entire normal campaign without a legendary. I think I got my first legendary on nightmare (?). I am not expecting to find any or maybe one legendary on tier 1 and possibly 3-5 on tier 2. I do not expect them to be showing up till later game on tier 1 though.

To each their own.

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I don’t want the legendaries to drop like mad. That would be boring as hell. Make us work for it


That sounds about right. Please keep legendaries and ancestral gear scarce!


I agree they’ve under tuned to the point of shear boredom. I get it shouldn’t rain from the sky like in the last beta, but if this is all there is to look forward to, the vast majority of players won’t stay.
Nobody I know that has played have gotten one single legendary. This is not looking good with launch a month away, it really isn’t.


Keep the drop rate as it, you can go get aspects. Scarcity is what makes the game fun and loot actually rewarding.


You cannot speak for vast majority of players, speak only for yourself. You are not an expert in player statistics.


Let me re-phrase, the vast majority of my friends and family who are playing this beta won’t stay if it continues like it is now and that’s about 20 plus people who were super hyped and now completely disappointed.