Serious issue with 3080ti GPU's

Hey, I’ve been playing D4 for 2 days now and today for the first time it just crashed* in a middle of a fight in the wilderness. I’ve heard of people having similar issues with the 3080ti series cards -the same that I have- from Gigabyte. I am happy to send you log files to help you figure out what is going on with the game. But it is something serious. Fortunately my GPU didn’t brick in this experience but there are people who claim that theirs has. My testings for the beta (both) are unfortunately over now and I’m eager to try it out again in the final version IF we (the community) hear your open letter regarding the issue and that it has been solved!

GPU: 3080ti VISION OC 12Gb from Gigabyte
Monitor: 144Hz 1440p

*all monitors go black and GPU fans ramp up to 100%, background audio from youtube stayed but game noises disappeared. Had to hard restart pc to fix it.


GIGABYTE GeForce RTX3080TI Gaming OC, 12GB, DDR6X
exact same symptoms

event logger shows
event id 56 acpi 2

for reference i’m playing sons of the forrest on max settings in uhd with no such issues


Your symptoms are what happens if the 12v rail of your power supply isnt strong enough to supply your graphics card with sufficient power. And therefore triggers overcurrent protection. (happens most frequently with Multirail powersupplies, for a 3080ti u would probably need a good 1000-1200w powersupply to not trigger OCP in this scenario)

This probably happens for a couple of reasons.

First one is that diablo iv is using the same engine as diablo2 resurrected, the game tries to max out your GPU to its max powerlimit all the time, regardless of settings or load.

Only thing that may help are limiting FPS and or Undervolting or upgrading to a PSU that does indeed can handle your GPU on max powerlimit.


you’re funny
ATX 1000W Corsair HX1000 (135mm, Platinum)
is more than enough
why other games maxed do not produce such issues?

its all about transients at this point. if your power supply cant handle 2-2,5x the max. powerconsumption of your card on its 12v rail, it will trigger OCP. You might have the same issues in games like the Witcher 3.

Games are absolutely not alike each other in that regard. In some games like for example New World the issues were caused by having thousands of FPS within the Loading screens.

So it doesnt even have to be maxed out games in any way, its just how the games are working. GPU loads are manifold and different, its not like you can be sure to be stable if you hit it with just “a big load” for long enough, imagine it more like “frequencies or shades of colors”, GPU stability is not like CPU stabilty at all. To explain it more in depth it would take ages, bc i doubt that i can simplify it more and i doubt that you have the knowledge to understand it, otherwise you wouldnt have asked.

If you remove all fps caps, disable vsync etc. d4 is one of the games that could cause such issues, so just cap your fps, maybe undervolt your GPU and live a happy life.


That’s very interesting and eye-opening.
My PSU is Seasonic FOCUS GX-850, which might not have enough juice in it to provide that 2x power consumption.
I did crank the max FPS to the max in both in-game and background.
Never had any problems with Witcher 3 for example or ANY other game that I have played, and I’ve owned this card for about 6 months now.

I’ll remember your advice on capping the frames and maybe undervolting the GPU but for now I don’t need to risk breaking my GPU with D4.

Till the full release!


Just wanted to chime in here:

Over the weekend I had the same issue.

Gigabyte 3080 TI, Thermaltake Platinum 1200W PSU. The issue is not power delivery. ONLY Diablo 4 causes this.

I put this car through various loads all day long from CAD, video editing and playing Triple A title games. No other game crashed like this EXCEPT New World. New World had a similar issue where it was killing 3090s and crashing other cards. This seems very similar.

My card did not brick, but like others, random crashing between 15 and an hour of game play. Sometimes it would reboot the machine, other times it was a crash to desktop.

Ryzen 5900X
32GB DDR 4 3600MHz CL14
Sabrent Rocket 4.0 1TB Drive
Gigabyte 3080Ti OC

I can confirm my buddy with his 3080 Ti also experienced the same issue.

The issue is with the game, not with the card or power delivery. I even can max out the power draw on this card with benchmarks and 3D modelling. Temperature is not an issue, it’s in a water block and doesn’t break 45C at full load and power draw.

The issue is a bug in the game, hands down.

Capping framerate does NOT resolve the issue. It mitigates it. I tried this initially because it was suggested when we were having the issue with New World as well. It will buy you another 30 mins of gameplay max. My testing with GSync off did not help, HDR off, did not help, even reduced all games settings to low. This did not have an impact whatsover. I reduced the resolution from 1440p to 1080p, and still no difference.

I then uninstalled the game Saturday evening then reinstalled it to another SSD. A WD Blue 1TB. Same issue.

Again, I have no other issues with this card when playing any other game, including New World now that they have patched it. I can max out every setting in every other game and it plays fine.

This bug needs fixing and anyone that tells you it’s not a bug is lying to you.


Thank you for saying this. The problem is with the game. People are reporting this issue even after capping the framerate in NVidia control panel.

The shills are out in full force.

I had this happen 3 times over the weekend with an AMD 6900 XT. I no lifed it and probably put in 30 hours of game play.

I limit the frame rate by default which is why it probably didn’t happen as often.

I am on a water cooled custom loop. The temps were super low at all times. I have MSI Afterburner + Riva as an overlay the entire time. Updated my drivers after the first crash as well.

13900k @ 6.0 ghz
64 gb ram @ 6400
980 Pro Samsung SSD
6900 XT Gigabyte

Not everyone has the same problems. Just bc you experience crashes doesnt mean its the same thing it doesnt have to be related to others at all.

If there would be a bug in the game that would cause PC crashes/Freezes everyone would suffer from it. But thats not the case, so something has to be wrong with your setup, its either a software conflict, a hardware compatibility issue or something with your hardware not working properly.

Can I have your machine please.

after some time it crashed for me also on mid textures
gb 3080ti 12gb

Okay…I have same issue and I see a constant thread in all the complaints here, we all have Gigabyte GPUs.
3060Ti here.
There is no resolution offered through the official ticket system, as I was directed back here - and Googling the error provided both by GM and in the Fenris log shows it is only Blizzard games (Modern Warfare, Overwatch, etc)
The only thing I couldnt try before beta end was capping FPS in the game itself (foreground) in the options menu.

But, again, 3060, 3080, AMD cards mentioned here are all Gigabyte branded cards…anyone else who didnt post their GPU confirm?


it is really sounds like 3080Ti from this company has issues. you prob got a defective GPU and game just revealed it . I have 3080 founder edition and play on 4k max settings and it was flawless for all those hours . my fans never even worked that hard. I would check if u can replace it with a new GPU

No, this is not the cause. It’s something specific in the game causing it. If it was a defective GPU, why is EVERYONE with a Gigabyte 3080 TI having the same issues with THIS GAME ONLY?

Please read all the other posts here and on reddit. This issue is rampant.

I’m sorry JohnSmith, but you’re off base here. I’ve seen you say the same things in other posts as well. You are somewhat correct, if there was something specific causing it, such as power draw, high frame rate etc, but that is not the case here. What you’re saying is EVERYONE has a problem with their system if they have Diablo 4 crashing, yet they can play every other game with maxed out settings. That makes absolutely no sense and you must know it. From your post history you seem like a smart person.

Your logic would apply if there were a handful of people experiencing this, but it’s literally hundreds across multiple forum posts with different PSUs, CPUs, RAM and Motherboards. The only thing that is in common is Diablo 4 and The Gigabyte 3080Ti. Some have reported the same with the 3080 base card, but most of it has been the 3080ti.

Again, we can run this card through it’s paces with every other game, triple A or not, benchmarks, etc, no issues. AND these are people that are not running over clocks. I am running stock speeds, stock bios, which is up to date with Gigabyte.

When this happens, there is not a temperature spike, high power draw or anything similar. You’re simply walking through a dungeon or sitting in town and boom, it crashes.

Regardless of the cause, this NEEDS to be investigated with Blizzard and Gigabyte. I’ve already sent all the evidence of this with these threads to Gamers Nexus and other Tech Channels to investigate like they did with New World. There are also some tech sites that have already picked up this issue in my searching.

This is not good and there is potential for even more cards to brick next weekend.

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Scott to be honest, the problem that it mostly happens with Gigabyte 3080Ti’s is probably that the most sold one is the Gaming OC version or less, which have only 2x8pin connectors.

All im saying is, if your game crashes it doesnt have to be for the same reasons as for anyone else, if your leg hurts it doesnt have to be broken just bc someone else has a broken leg.

But by the symptoms of having the Blackscreen and 100% fan spin on the GPU that is a very specific symptom to a certain issue, which infact is due to overcurrent protection.
The card locks itself up on purpose, its a security feature build in that prevents other components on the GPU to take damage, so its a safety feaure not “bricking”.

I had personally no issues with crashing, nor do i know anyone who had those issues personally, and i have a really really long friendlist with people that played the beta including a couple of people using a gigabyte rtx3080ti. So i must suspect that when people having this problem that there is something wrong on their end.

Im not saying im okay how this engine or the d2r engine works in terms of powerdraw and so on, its really a nasty engine in that regard. Im just saying, if your hardware is bulletproof and flawless, something like that wouldnt even be forceable.


that’s probably gpu or psu doing overcurrent protection on us

still i don’t get why it’s done on such cfg
gpu: GIGABYTE GeForce RTX3080TI Gaming OC, 12GB, DDR6X
psu: ATX 1000W Corsair HX1000 (135mm, Platinum)

i think i’m gonna try to return the GPU to seller and buy 4090, psu should be fin for it too :wink:

well its happening because of a number of circumstances.

The reason why it happens in diablo IV is simply because the engine is made to push your GPU to its absolute limits to increase performance. So the real powerdraw is elevated and spikes occur more frequently in general. Usually powerdraw scales with Load, but in this engine it just maxes out the powerdraw as much as it can all the time.

very stupid example:
lets say fps are unlimited GPU is pushing getting a little warmer right and as we know when it gets warmer the electrical resistance is higher, so the GPU pulls effectively more power from your PSU as if it is cooler, then all of a sudden a cutscene appears that is not remotely as demanding as the scenes of the game prior to that, gpu temp drops initially rapidly by 10-15°C within seconds and now the gpu is still pulling the same amount of power but with less resistance resulting in overcurrent. And in addition to that trying to keep the FPS as high as possible and not reducing the power it pulls because you dont reach any limit on CPU or RAM or anything that would cap out your GPU potentially running 4digit FPS in that cutscene.

So in this scenario its just a matter of time how long your PSU can sustain the power of that sudden load switch to your gpu including increased number of transient spikes in this very short amount of time before locking up or crashing.

If you cap your fps the right way, you can totally avoid this problem. Because then you create a limit that prevents such thing to happen. Undervolting in addition is even better, you can easily shave off 70-100watts on a 3080ti without or with minimal performance loss from stock. (which is then up to 200-250w less demanding on your psu in spike scenarios)

But i think your problem isnt your GPU or PSU, you posted an event ID pointing to issues with your Motherboard/Cstates.