Serious issue with 3080ti GPU's

I used DDU Uninstaller and went offline so Nvidia Geforce experience doesn’t Auto update and installed 472.12 version and everything ran well. Do not use the latest drivers.
You will thank me. I have the Nvidia 3080 if anyone asks. I use to have 512.15 and I was getting “Out of memory errors” when a cinematic story line tried to play then game crashes most of the time.

I have a DELL RTX 3060 TI (factory overclocked), 1440p max settings except for textures to medium to prevent stutters. The game never went above 72% GPU utilization that was even with DLSS turned off. also, temps were a nice cool 64c Its there hardware.

This 1000%
Youre a smart man.

Buying a 4090 isnt going to solve your issues.

No, that doesn’t work. He’s not a smart man. He’s a shill. Reddit and quite frankly many of these threads are filled with people who have bricked 3080 Ti’s. They claim to have capped frames in both the game and the Nvidia CP. It’s not just Gigabyte either, and it’s not just 3080 Ti’s. The only thing I’ve seen so far that has not had a direct response of “I tried this and my GPU got fried” is undervolting.

How many of them did it correctly actually reducing powerdraw/Load on the GPU and how many used a GPU bought on sale from the Crypto-Miner next door? And how many used insufficient PSUs for their GPU? Like the best one dude that posted proudly that he is using a Seasonic Prime Titanium prone to OCP and that this couldnt be an issue.

Its not even ending there, there is also people using only 1pci-e Cable with more plugs on it to drive the GPU… like … they should be happy that OCP triggered instead of that their house burned down.

Peoples’s hardware that bricked 100% all has had hardware issues with the card or a system component like underpowered or cheap PSUs. You can scream on Reddit and here all you want you cannot change the facts nothing In the game can brick your GPU, that is not how the software works.

well, software can indeed damage hardware that is not faulty.
A sudden change in load, like it happens in diablo4 can be enough to produce overcurrent under the right circumstances…

But that doesnt matter, because thankfully nowdays we have OCP so cards are getting locked before taking damage.
So the cards that are “bricked” are actually safed by OCP. they arent damaged, just locked up.

DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_RESET was found in the file

Wrong if the voltage spikes too high and damages the card, that is a manufacturing defect with the card itself, not the game.

Games will run at whatever load they need when more load gets placed the card ramps up. It can go from 0 to 100 without issue. That is how they work. If your card fries itself that is a defect in the card or something else on the system. That can also happen if you used bad quality power supplies or not high enough rated power supply and the power supply cant keep up. Typically the power supply dies but yeah.

Once again a video game cannot brick a GPU.

Here we go again, another person who assumes that its about maxing the card out. Its not, its about the transient power spikes.

If your card uses the 12vHP connector (the original version from the 3000 series), and that connects back to say 2x 8-Pin on your PSU and you run a really awesome multi-rail PSU. If the card for just a 100ms or so asks for like 1200w as a spike, it will certainly trip OCP on the PSU. OCP has like a 5ms response time or something like that from memory.

From what I have read its always Gigabyte cards (very few other brand of cards, the more expensive ones). Where I am from in AU, Gigabyte is one of the cheaper brands, and you can see it in the component quality on the cards.

A piece of software cannot physically kill a piece of hardware unless its maliciously designed to override the hardware protections. I somewhat doubt that D4 has malicious code in it that is just trying to override the cards limits.

Most likely the cards in question that are being bricked have inherent faults in thier quality of construction that just somehow they cant handle the loads being asked for by the game engine.

Its not about giving maximum sustained load to the GPU, its about those little spikes that can absolutely bring even the best PSUs to thier knees, if at the PSU end you are connected to 2x 8-Pin connectors and the card requests a momentary spike of 2.5x its max load, chances are its going to cause problems.

Who’s to say that the card has not been overstressing the PSU for a while with spikes, and in this case the PSU has finally said enough is enough and its ended up killing the card.

I wished people would stop blaming games for hardware failures. Its more than likely co-incidence that it just happens to be when you are playing D4 that the card dies.

The game is in Beta, if you dont want issues wait for official launch.

Can you imagine the size of the class action if someone reverse engineered the D4 beta code and found that they had some form of malicous code in there that was killing GPUs by pushing them beyond thier limits?

We have known now that RTX30 and now worse off RTX40 series cards are great for performance, but they are better at generation astronomical transient spikes. Unless you have the professional monitoring gear connected to your card to measure the spikes, you are not going to even notice they are happening until something else in your machine says “not happening” and the card stops working.

My bet is that the card requests the spike, the PSU finally says not happening, the card chucks a hissy fit and its that resulting time period after the PSU refuses to supply the spike (when OCP is tripping) or the power provided is momentarily not as clean as one would expect from a super high grade PSU that causes damage to the card.

18 months ago it was New World killing GPUs, now its D4, next year it will be another game. From memory back when New World was killing eVGA 3090’s some people pointed out that the cards themselves had a lower quality set of caps on the back of them, and that it was not happening with the higher quality set of caps.

I have never seen a Gigabyte card with all high quality SMD caps on the back of the card around the GPU area. They always use the cheaper ones. Mostly ASUS ROG STRIX OC cards use the higher quality caps, or at most 1 of the cheaper ones and the rest are the smaller high quality ones. Gigabyte mostly always uses 5 or 6 of the cheaper larger ones in place of the more expensive better quality components.

When eVGA started sending out cards with less of those cheaper caps, the issue seems to dissapear. So was it really the games fault? Or did the game just find a scenario where the card couldnt cope due to poor assembly?

My vote is on the latter.

Well infact every use of your hardware damages it, through degradation, lowering its lifespan. But thats not the point.

The point is, diablo iv’s engine forces your GPU to max out its powerlimit even when not necessary independent from load creating a scenario where critical transient spikes occur more often and more heat is generated in this process aswell.

So technically you can argue that the software isnt killing the hardware, its heat and power and god itself blasting lightning bolts at it. And you wont ever be wrong, but thats missing the point aswell.

Diablo IV will not kill your card, and has not ever killed a card yet but can increase the chance of triggering OCP and generating excessive heat.

Your GPU is designed to lock itself up when experiencing overcurrent, because without this protection components on the GPU could actually really take damage from heat and voltage.

Having the 100% fanspeed not turning on anymore after OCP happened or happened a couple of times is working as intended. It isnt a broken or damaged card in any way when it happened. Its just locked up to protect itself.

But generally saying “Software cant lead to hardware defects if it wasnt damaged prior to it anyways” is a really strange statement bc every software you ever used or using your hardware in general technically already damaged it by degradation.

Why Gigabyte Cards seemingly trigger OCP protection more often can have multiple reasons, either they are designed really protective, or some components might have a lower quality, or it might be a bios thing or cooler issue not cooling a specific part of it or a manufacturing issue with a specific batch could be anything, Gigabyte will probably let us know.

Bottom line is (and maybe I’m in for a collective co*k punch here on the receiving end) this issue affected ONLY Gigabyte and ONLY 3080Ti. Other people with other video cards that accused black screens and system freezes were able to reboot and it worked. I’ve been following all the threads in here and on reddit and there’s this same “Gigabyte 3080Ti” common thing. I don’t think people should mindlessly blame Blizzard or any producer for bricking their cards. The cards were faulty to begin with, just didn’t manifested. It’s like blaming some certain foods for poisoning you, but it’s only a handful of people being affected by those foods, while the vast majority can eat them without any issues. Yeah, some people can die from food poisoning, because their immune system is overreacting to some protein in foods, but that doesn’t mean that specific food is bad. Just as Diablo 4 is not bad, but some Gigabyte 3080Ti “immune system” is overreacting.

unfortunately it didnt only affect gigabyte cards nor only 3080ti, those are just the most prone to be affected.

Have read reports about

1 Asus 3080ti
1 Asus Tuf 3080
1 EVGA 3080ti
1 4070
1 1070
Multiple other Gigabyte 3080 non Ti


But yea just stability issues/crashing without locking up is much much wider spread, across all vendors and all GPUs.

I personally had no issues tho, not a single crash, but my GPU is undervolted and custom watercooled and im using a Corsair HX1200w PSU.

My GPU while running the game uncapped reached 35°C tho, which is about or just a little less of what im getting running furmark, in normal gaming it usually never exceeds 30°C.

Im having a big loop and the delta to roomtemp is usually about 4°C while using 100% of “conventional” gaming load. So for me its no surprise that alot of people are experiencing crashes…

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GV-N308TGAMING OC-12GD with HX1000 here and mine was “only” freezing with fans on 100%

There was a blue post today, just in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet.

Just to give my 2cents, I am using a Galax 3080 SG with AMD r7-5800X and 32 Gb memory, Seasonic Focus 850WAtts - Platinum and had to test it myself. I WILL not risk my RIG to brick so I capped framerate to 144FPS /background @ 30FPS, undervolted my GPU and set my power consumpton to normal via NVIDIA control panel. I opened up NZXT CAM to check GPU status. During queueing and video intro, my GPU is fine, my fans even stopped due to minimal load, however, once character creation started, GPU load and clocking went to full, FANS also started to go loud, I stopped the game immediately and that normalized my GPU.

I understand your point that this might be a “NEW EARTH” thing again, but Blizzard needs to check D4 as well. We are now seeing MASSIVE threads regarding this issue and this can’t be a “hardware” issue only.

at which resolution are you playing?
Would you mind to try to cap your FPS to 60 in the Nvidia Control Panel, and see if it behaves differently?

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