Season of the exploit 🤡

If this kind of stuff still exists by the time leaderboards hit it’s going to severely hurt the games reputation.

Thieves and malefactors can run from quite inventive and sly to knuckle-draggers. Still all are thieves and malefactors. Burn them! Burn them all.

They are putting cheese out to see which mice are going to bite so they can BAN the bad mice.

For me, all the excitement is all gone. The game is boring, just hit NM right away after logged in (of course, u don’t have more thing to do with this stupid game).

No fun build, no fun skill, no fun mechanic, specially I play barb which you know how bad is it.

No goal AT ALL.

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they don’t care, and won’t put any amount of effort into fixing things, because they put a grand total of zero effort making the game to begin with.

Hi all -

I just wanted to let everyone know that this was addressed a few days ago in our last hotfix and hasn’t been present in the game since. We have also actioned on select accounts related to this incident. We appreciate everyone for bringing this to our attention.


When is Diablo going to show up in the game?


After he, like mephisto, is done charging back up


Look at the entitled guy who wants Diablo in his Diablo game.

I’m sure he’ll be added $oon.

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Is that an out of season Aprilith fool $cam?

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Be warned any of these actions are tracked and you could inevitably get a perma ban for it.

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It’s kind of good the first season was a bit low key as far as season mechanics go in retrospect.

Still a good bit of annoying bugs and even game breaking bugs. Players are going out of their way to exploit. Base game still needs a good bit of polish, and I mean polish, not expansion. Obviously expanding the base game would be nice. But even the current game just needs some quality refinement.

I’m looking forward to Season 3. Still feels like these first two seasons are more early access.


They can’t cuz the game is on console.


It should be actioned against everyone who did it, you guys do not really seem to care about moderating the game. I know it’s probably a next to impossible task considering I’m sure there are tons of botters along with glitch exploiters. I’d imagine your sheer volume prevents you from actioning which is a mistake. It will completely devalue the company eventually. Because it’s not just this game, it’s all Blizzard games that are rampant with bots and exploiters going unchecked. In my experience botters and exploiters are typically the same guys. Or better put they start off exploiting until they can start botting efficiently. And to bot efficiently against blizzard atm seems to be not challenging. Not from personal experience but shown wow data. And wow is a subscription base game. So how can we expect exploiters and botters to be treated appropriately in a non subscription game when it can’t even be done in the subscription model. Idk man it’s just things seem to be breaking down in every direction with blizzard. Nothing against the people doing the hard work.

That’s odd people keep saying that. Even one went as far as claiming Blizzard couldn’t release a client update to fix an issue for at least a week or 2 because of it. Blizzard then released a client patch the next day. His claim didn’t fare too well after that.

Does anyone know any players that have been banned for using this eternal to seasonal glitch?

I’m sure there are certain things they can push server side without having to cert with Xbox and PS. But doesn’t make sense to me that they would be able to push a client update without getting it certified.

I’m not saying there isn’t a process. It’s just obviously not as extensive as most make it seem. That or Blizzard, as a massive gaming company, has a bit of an easier time with it than most smaller companies do.

Why do you think patch 1.1.1 is arriving only a week after the patch notes?

Most likely because they said they’d give some time after releasing the patch notes. If it was a week to get certified, why are the devs still working on the patch and said things can change til then? Wouldn’t anything they change after they submitted for certification take another week to be accepted?