Ruins of Eridu nerfed, Whats next? Just gonna kill all fun in the game?

You guys just keep nerfing fun experience farms. Instead of nerfing, Why dont you take note of why people were doing the farms to begin with?

-Actually fun
-High Mob density, This is a hack and slash after all?
-Zero back tracking to reduce down time.
-Decent “Reward” per hour for running them.

On a secondary note. If you dont want people chain farming dungeons for experience, You need to change other sources to make them more desirable. Nightmare dungeons should be THE way to level IMO. Density is your biggest issue along with the back tracking. Rewards are pretty lack luster too.

Personal experience as a solo player: I spend more time than your average consumer playing this game. And as a solo player I can tell you its been a SLOW and boring grind to 72. The leveling wall at 50 needs to be removed and put closer to 70-80. Give it more of a Diablo 2 leveling experience so people can at least get into end game before burn out. This alone will probably be what forces me to quit.


What’s the next best option now?
Have just been looking for a dungeons which is more fight than walk and then found out it got nerfed.


I think they cut regular enemies too. Its nowhere near as dense as it once was in any regard.

Like… why?


A couple of things. One, the “average” player is supposed to take 150 hours to get to Level 100. Because most dungeons do not have cutscenes, that number is not supposed to go down by much. So, if you only have 60 hours into the game, you have at least another 40 hours before you should hit 100.

Two, they want you to chain farm EVERY dungeon. Meaning using the horse to go back and forth between many dungeons. That is why there is the reset timer - so that it is faster to find the next nearest dungeon. However, since people did not want to do it that way, nerf is on the way.


I also want to know. I can’t be bothered to run NM dungeon’s atm. Limited stash space to store things, 4 stashes already full for other builds and 5 other characters… No room for more sigils or pots. I just want somewhere to grind so I don’t need to spend the next 3 days gaining 2 levels.


They need to just buff the nightmare dungeons xp and loot so people would rather run them over spamming the same normal dungeon over and over again for hours.

Right now pushing higher level nightmare dungeons feels like a complete waste of time when I can still get 3x the xp in the same time just running normal dungeons even after they have nerfed the density in them.


Fantastic comment from the wowhead article on the issue:

Option 1: Balance other dungeons and increase density across the board so players are satisfied as they are demanding more density, similar to this dungeon before the nerf.
Option 2: Nerf the best XP farm so their “Average player can achieve level 100 within 150h of gameplay” and let most dungeons to be walking simulator over ARPG

Option 2 is picked, obviously, to prolong the “gameplay” and never mention the level 100 will take 150h of gameplay again.

This company has always had it out for people that like repeating a single activity. Yet that is the cornerstone of ARPG play. If they don’t figure this out, the game will be doomed in the future.


BUFF density, don’t nerf it

these are some of the most anti-fun nerfs i’ve seen in a long time


I just wish this would’ve been sub or F2P atm.

So at least we could in hindsight refuse to pay more.

But we have already given them all money we’ve ever going to give them.


I was one of the people really holding out on criticism but after a tsunami of nerfs to every fun way to progress, I think I’m about done. Even before the nerfs, I was already questioning whether I would ever play ladder (even as a player that rolled new toons every ladder in D2/D3/D2R). I am baffled that Blizzard is so beyond oblivious to what players want after 3 iterations of Diablo, a remaster of the ideal ARPG that basically both started and mastered the genre, and several other ARPGs on the market that get it right. It’s like the people in charge have zero clue how to manage a game. If something absolute wild doesn’t happen prior to the first ladder, I’ll probably uninstall. Speaking as someone that REALLY wanted to hold out, and generally does hold out through BS with hopes it turns around. Guess it’s back to D2R. Actually, D4 probably sparked my interest enough to get back into POE. GGG is probably loving this Blizzard release as much as they loved the D3 release. Nothing like a game that gets people excited about ARPGs, only to fail to live up to expectations and drive players to other games that do get it right.


Plus they’re just terrible, builds don’t function effectively in them at all, and the rewards are nonexistent. Bad XP, Bad loot, Glyph XP is stupid. Why would I do these at all?


The dev team has made it clear they balance the game based on YouTube so what’s next? Whatever dungeon or leveling method gets highlighted next.

They think forcing you to slog to 100 will keep you around for season 1.


The worst part isn’t even the loss of loot/xp it’s the loss of challenge.

Elites and bosses are the only challenge in the game; walking into a dungeon and fighting 50 trash mobs and two elites isn’t challenging, it’s just tedious time consuming busy work.

Honestly, as much as I hate to say it I miss Rifts; jump in dungeon fight a stream of high density mobs followed by a boss and then rinse/repeat was way better than slogging through mostly empty halls while bouncing from packs of 5-6 enemies every 50 ft.

If they have a problem with people farming the same dungeon over and over again the problem isn’t that dungeon has too high of a mob density, it’s that every other dungeon has too low of a mob density. They should be bringing the density across the entire game up to where Eridu was.


This honestly kind of sucks. I feel bad for people who aren’t 100 yet.
These dungeon grinds have been the primary safe way for Hardcore players to hit 100.
4 Grouping nightmare dungeons is wildly unsafe. Almost no one does it.
If the primary way to level is NM dungeons they are basically forcing solo play for Hardcore.

I am a level 100 Hardcore Rogue in a 40 person community. My group tried grouping for NM dungeons and we almost died several times while leveling. I would suggest no more than 2 people for NM dungeons.


The point of endgame for every diablo game ever has been high mob density pulls. The fact that Blizzard has forgotten this is saddening and absurd.


whelp. guess im not getting 100 before the season.

abuse early and often i guess.

especially when blizzard is actively trying to nerf fun and leveling strats .

sad to see.


Can someone explain to me how this was nerfed? I was still farming this last night and getting great EXP and loot drops. Did something change?

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Blizzard, stop nerfing the dungeons and start buffing all of them. We need density after all this is a Diablo game and not “Running simulator 2023”.


So basically play the way we want you to?
Its a non-competitive aarpg if people want to chain 1 dungeon why the heck would you not let them? Let ppl play how they want.


The just removed all the mob packs that spawn on you and just reduced the amount of elites at the start completely

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