Ruins of Eridu nerfed, Whats next? Just gonna kill all fun in the game?

Is there a post about this? or shadow nerf?


I’m with you on this one man. The nightmare dungeon’s are extremely bad for experience.

If they refuse to add more density due to the strength of the monsters, then so be it. But there’s also ways around that too. Imagine a game that once you completed a dungeon, you received a large portion of experience at the end based on the level of the dungeon.

Oh wait… Diablo 3 Greater Rifts…


I may or may not have found the next best dungeon. Someone confirm this please, but Forsaken Quarry (although being slightly nerfed in the past) still has a ton of elites.

Pls test

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I’ve been defending blizzard and supporting this game, but it’s getting more and more difficult as they keep illustrating they want it to be an MMO, yet have ARPG builds that require density. They have an identity crisis and it’s translating to eliminating any aspect of the game that starts resembling an ARPG. Leaving all builds terrible because they’re meant for ARPG play with density.

They need to get their crap in order.


I don’t think so. After Blizzard nerfed a dozen other dungeons, this dungeon was the next best thing on the list. EVERYONE was running it yesterday. And everyone went back in today and noticed the change.

Now everyone is looking for the next best dungeon and eventually Blizzard will nerf that one too. Then on to the next one.

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Lol, you think the devs would comunicate these kinds of big changes? You silly goose :smiley:


fights are way too short in this game, we need way higher density across the board.

walking into a room, murdering five guys and that’s it? Lame.

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What do you mean future?

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Launches are sometimes messy and disjointed. The real problems begin when this design philosophy isn’t second guessed. I’m sure they’ll have meetings and attempt to renavigate. If they don’t, then it’s doomed.

All the ways to level should be comparable. Be it dungeons, map completion or whispers.

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Can fix a rewarding dungeon players stumble on nigh-instantly but how long have those two aspects I forget the names of been disabled?

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I just want me cache farms and dungeons from D3… those felt good, dense, and fun.

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I don’t even understand what they want people to do. Anytime anyone does anything it gets gutted. Aspects are just removed from the game, but they still drop and there’s no in game indicator stuff isn’t working. I’m really perplexed. What was the point of the playtests? What was the point of the early streamer access? I guess just marketing.


I can agree with that. For the most part, the launch has been pretty good as far as things “working”. There’s some aspects that are turned off or whatever, but that’s not a big deal to me. A few small things breaking here and there. That will all get fixed.

You’re right though, the philosophy of the game isn’t something that’s just going to be changed over night. Or even in a couple of seasons.

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I really wonder what their goal is. NM dungeons feel tedious after just a few runs unless you’re lucky enough to have duplicate sigils of the higher density dungeons. Most dungeon objectives are super boring, even in higher NM levels. I think most people play ARPGs to kill huge groups of monsters, not to run through several mostly empty rooms to go pull a lever or something.

I’ll be fair and say that sometimes NM dungeons have some fairly dense packs, but there should be no ‘sometimes’ about this. It should standard for NM dungeons to be absolutely crawling with enemies, but it isn’t, and now Blizz is quickly nerfing all the dungeons that are.


Did they fill the Diablo team with BFA and Shadowland team members, lol. Let players play the game, let us have our pindleskin runs. This game genre should be more sandbox not less.

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*Developer Note: We are standardizing the density of elite monsters that spawn in dungeons to ensure that no particular dungeon is clearly more efficient to run through than others.

They are standardizing in the wrong direction… maybe the reason people were running Eridu so much is because it was fun, and the rest of the dungeons have terrible mob density and are about as exciting as a lobotomy.


heres the low down.

from about 55 onward you do the same things over and over for endgame till you do your lvl 70 capstone dungeon which quite a few have done early and then you unlock wt4 and repeat on a higher difficulty the same things till 100 and then do the pinnacle dungeon and youre complete.

if you do the xp farm youre essentially doing the same thing over and over anyways , just in a more compartmentalized way.

if you want people to do other things then buff the xp to be comparable to the elite dungeon farm and buff the mob density.

right now hearing from friends it is brutal the xp needed if youre not doing the dungeon elite pack farming with a group of friends so you can keep resetting .

either nerf the xp needed so people arent forced to waste over 150 hrs to get to 100 without the benefit of what took others 100 or buff the xp given from nm dungeons and helltides and other places to make people not having their time wasted.

Blizzard what are you doing?

  1. Nerf Rogue
  2. Make Aspects drop extremely rarly for certain builds - so versatility and variety of build dies GG
  3. Nerf every Dungeon, even if its not “glitched”.

Like, i’m level 89, WT4 is max. and mob density is just a joke, same as drop of essential aspects.

What are you trying to do Blizzard? Ruining every pit of fun here