Requested a refund

Requested a refund just now. I played beta last weekend and i logged in last night, walked around town for a second, and then turned the game off. No will to play that game at all. game was clearly made for console with pc as an afterthought. Console games are all trash, just like this game. Will never buy a blizzard game again. Warcraft 2, Diablo, Starcraft, Diablo 2, World of Warcraft (before about 2012 or so). All greatness. Every game after is absolute hyper trash, and this doesn’t disappoint.


I’m going to play the game. Cry more.

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I’m enjoying the open beta. I’m probably going to get a PREORDER of the Ultimate Edition as a token of FAITH in D4 developers.


While I agree. the game is boring… We really don’t need to make a post about it lol. Lots of people will enjoy this game regardless. It’s just quite clear Blizzard wants to put the least amount of effort in for the most amount of those “Casual Dollars”.

Or how about what people do with their own money is of no concern to you?

i just did as well. definitely not what i expected


i clicked on it not knowing what it did.

It’s almost EXACTLY what I expected. That doesn’t mean that it’s exactly what I wanted… :wink:

Fair enough, I’ll take that out of my comment.

im returning to D2R. But im gonna start working on my single player toons. Blizz and there ladder only stuff can be avoided there. Forced reroll with ladder bait sucks also imo.

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Yeah D4 is mistake after mistake.

Even open-beta was mistake for this game.
Gonna be a lot of refunds.


Or not !!!many extra characters

Thankfully, I waited for this open beta before deciding on purchasing the game. I will not be purchasing the game.


Been seeing lots of posts like this with no clear feedback on what could be better.

Game is designed for console…okay? What does that mean? Tons of games exist between PC and console. Diablo was on Playstation back in the day, was it trash too? No.

Uninstalled. Back to D2R single play so i can ignore ladder resets

Nobody cares. You don’t need to announce it. Just get your refund and don’t play.

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diablo being on playstation doesn’t mean it was designed for playstation. it was thrown on playstation as an after thought to draw more players.

Most people who are doing this most likely just have the beta code and weren’t going to play the game anyways.

Not how I recall it, but to your point, they are currently designing the game to support play on the consoles which means more potential fans come to the series.

How is gate keeping the game beneficial for diablo fans in the long term?

The biggest travesty to D4 is not that it is on consoles but the battlepass and cashshop bandwagon that they built around it.

So after 25 levels u quite gotchya. Hell i start new class in d2r the first 30 levels suck. In fact i join games to leech till then.