Please like this post if you agree that the shakos dropped should be rolled back

Means they’ll ignore it and pretend it did not exist after the weekend?

Well, i think it’s safe to say that many many more players feel that the shakos should be rolled back than the amount of players that feel they should stay / they dont care.

My counter poll got two votes and died.

So white knight trolls vote or stop posting on here that we are entitled babys.


Nobody cares who got a shako. Why are you crying about a pixel.

My point exactly. You don’t care we do. So why be toxic to us about it?


I think you should reconsider stopping playing games or soever. I got an unfortunate revelation there, but all of the content there are pixels.
Didn’t strike me as you are the person who would notice.

Remove shacos coz it’s:
a) Simple for dev team
b) Unfair against the players who happened to sleep during that time
c) It’s not particularly fair if random players with ill intent get extraordinary power boost.

This is actually laughable. Devs already told you they don’t plan to take their shakos. Why are you still crying about it.

Its not laughable. Many of us disagree with ehat they did. Why are you so concerned about it that you have to go out of your way to insult everyone who disagrees with you.

If you want to participate vote on the forum thread that was made for the i agree with what blizzard did poll here.

What is laughable is you like games that have no integrity and leave bugged items in it.

We are Shakogate.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect US!

what happens then now since you dont forget or forgive? its set in stone. so what is your next step?

Shakogate 2023 will live in infamy forever.

Where are all the adults gone?

They were drowned in the tears of the Shakoless children.

It is not “set” in stone and 100s if not 1000s of people like me are answering with our wallets. Blizzard lost more than 142 people over this in their game that would have otherwise spent money in cash shop, bought future games, etc.

When they find that they have lost countless millions for 142 people that are just selling their accounts they will find that they made a huge mistake as usual and remove these items like they should have from the start.

We are Shakogate.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect US!

8.5k views, 731 likes. Doesn’t seem like a popular post… otherwise we’d have more likes. Divisive topic? Definitely.

Like I said in another post, the whole uber-uniques lottery system makes no sense. Blizzard could get more player participation by making uber-uniques higher-NM-tier dungeon drops, thereby giving players an incentive to play Tier 75+ NM content.

I didn’t think this thread would get as much traction as it did.

Shako drama was last week man. No one cares anymore move on.

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Those aren’t unique viewers…

They deserve this punishment then.

they will survive dont worry. and as mentioned earlier, it is set in stone. so yea… im happy to keep my shako yey =)

even if I got a shako for sorc straight from blizzards developers it wouldn’t change the class from sucking that bad.

This is why I’d like it removed for the rest of the classes that are already better, its because I’m older and bitter. Thank you.