Please like this post you agree that the shakos should not be rolled back

I will play devils advocate here. Even though i think the shako gate shake drop bug should of just been kept in so everyone could get them.

Like this post if you think blizzard did the right thing by letting players keep their shakos. So we can poll against this thread.

make sure to comment below how you feel so the thread doesn’t die so people can have the opportunity to like.

Also like the linked post if you agree with it so it can be a fair poll.


Chances of getting a shako drop: 0%
Chances of coming across a player who got the bugged shako drop: 0%

This drama is so MFing stupid.


Thanks for contributing?

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I can see you are also very bored of the game, and is now playing the official end game of D4 - The forum…

Jealous of the number of Likes the other Like farmer got?

No, can i not just do it because i want a fair fight?

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I dont agree with either side. What should be rolled back is the change for helltide chests so ppl can actually target farm uniques and the chance of getting a shako/gf is reasonable instead of non-existant.

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Beepbeep Beep BeepBeep News Flash! This just in:
Dev’s said days ago they’re not rolling back the 142 Shako’s!

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yup, I thought a 2 years old would even understand this concept. Apparently blizz doesn’t ?

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Hmm we need another poll post for people that don’t care then.

yeah i like the fact that some got an opportunity i did not i make me feel good! :clown_face:

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I mean what about the 6 people that got thier ubers legitimately?

Are they being treated faired by blizzard?

Hell what about the 99% of the player base that dont have one? Is it fair to them?

Im glad 140+ got it but did they really earned it?

an opportunity to experience bug/exploit later being justified as “okay” by none other than blizzard themselves.

I was told inside trading was legal.

I have no words… what are you talking about?

here lies the real problem - you can’t get it legitimately, it is not even possible…

If one guy found a bug or expoilt and before he made a video showing the world he got his whole clan to do it before the masses could get in… simple now?

Lol where are all the shako gate white nights? This post has like no likes

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I believe I made my thoughts on the issue well known, I don’t agree with them in the game but I’m going to assist in keeping your thread bumped so that others may vote.

I agree and am pleased you made this post. Having one sided opinions on things I’m sure we can all agree is just bad all around.

Doesn’t appear this post is well seen (which I don’t believe) because the lack of hearts/likes but maybe, JUST MAYBE, those who are strongly against removing the “mistake” items haven’t seen this post yet… Lets not fool ourself and keep in mind “those people” are extremely quick and resourceful with both time and energy to ensure others are aware of their thoughts (it’s just a game etc.) to constantly and persistently make posts elsewhere.

As it stands with my post:

For keeping the ‘mistake’ items:
3 days
4 hearts

8 days
1,500-1,599 likes (I’ll err to the unknown and say 1,500 likes)
812 hearts.

You can do the math to average out the heart and like ratio but doesn’t seem many that “care to keep them” actually care enough to take part of this post to voice their thoughts like the opposing group has :person_shrugging:

But here is a bump for this post and to those who may have missed this in all the craziness. Up up up for the weekend!

Hey brother!

Imo Blizz had 3 options, in order:

  • Let the drop rate stand, if even just till Season 1. Or once an every month open the drop rates up on the eternal realm for one weekend like a special recurring event.

  • Remove all Uber uniques dropped during that period of “how could we f this update up so bad”

  • Play dumb because your programmers couldn’t take them back even if they wanted to because you spent all your budget on marketing an unfinished game.

Their priorities seem a$$ backwards but that’s just me.

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