Please like this post if you agree that the shakos dropped should be rolled back

I enjoy my sorc, I guess im dumb lol

I enjoy the campaign but i’m sure it will be changed at some point due to incompetence like before.

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Bumping this thread for situational awareness! We will NOT forget!

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781 people disagree with you and the 142 cheaters.

Views vs likes has no relevance if 8500 people actually voiced their opinion in the thread there would be more than 579 replies in here. The fact that there is more up votes (hearts) given than the amount of messages in the post proves that there are more people against these bugged items staying in the game.

Prove it cause those 142 people arnt even playing the game they are to busy counting “Benjamin’s” aka counting their stacks of cash they have received from selling their accounts with these bugged items on them. Hence more reason these items need removed from the game period.

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Only L85+ characters could get those a shako, so they were not primed for mass-farming. Also, the new shako’s could have still dropped without the bug being present – unlikely but still possible. This is why Blizzard officially stated that they are staying put via official Twitter post.

EDIT: I also checked e-bay for any Diablo4 harlequin crests or accounts being sold. Didn’t find any, but maybe you might have better luck.

many claims and such little proof… you arent shakogate. you are a joke xD

Are you dense? They literally did a SQL query to find the items received from the broken helltide chests during the time of the update up until they shut down uber uniques from dropping for anyone anywhere.

See look a easy 1 minute google search and what do you think I found when searching? Accounts with these shakos on them being sold. Also people don’t use Amazon to sell accounts since Amazon will take the posting down try trolling harder.

Shako/Harlequin Crest | 4x BiS Lvl 100 - Rogue/Necro/Druid/Sorc | Ultimate Softcore Endgame Account selling for 10,000$


Yep typical child attack other people with insults because they have no valid argument and dont know how to communicate to others without using insults and hate.

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We do not Forget.
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That SQL query only identified when and where those items dropped. The problem is that they still could have dropped without the bug being present (i.e., had the sorc and barb had class helms) since that was not mathematically excluded by the query.

ill use arguments when i see some from your side. you use claims and assumption on top of overexaggerations. :wink:

You clearly don’t know how a SQL query works. They even posted the exact number of people that got these bugged items in the game and it was 142. Weather or not I believe them is a different story because everyone has caught this company lying multiple times. You have no argument they know exactly who got what exactly when and where they got it.

Read the 590 posts in here troll we have already provided plenty you have provided nothing but your troll replies.

Welcome to my block list also I don’t argue with ignorant trolls.

Sure I do – I use it at work every day :wink:

What you are ignoring is that all L85+ characters have a very small base chance of receiving an open-class uber-unique drop. This has not changed since the game’s start. Since that chance number was never reduced to zero while the bug was present, shako’s could have still dropped anyway regardless of the bug.

Instead of arbitrarily dismissing everyone else’s posts, please keep an open mind.

these kids nowadays amuse me =)

Entitled millienials…

This entire response from you has 0 relevance on items received because of a bug. You spitting non sense about level 85+ characters which just shows me that you have no idea what you are talking about. The uber uniques can drop from level 85+ monsters, you don’t have to be level 85+ to get them.

All your points are invalid as they have nothing to do with how these bugged items were received. They didn’t roll a 1:800000 chance for them to drop like the actual odds are. And keep in mind that’s 1 in 800000 unique drops you will have a chance to get a shako. I wont get into the whole math of the situation where dice rolls are used to determine it even being a unique drop let alone it being a shako and not just another legendary helm.

I’ve read multiple posts saying both, so I don’t know which to believe.

Why would it be invalid? You still have not stated how to eliminate the base 1:800000 odds from sorc+barb helltide chest drop shako. Yes, it is a very small value, but it is still above zero. Until you can completely and mathematically rule this small percentage out, you still run the risk of deleting a valid shako that dropped during the helltide bug event.

How about you believe the same devs that posted these facts. Here ill even post their twitter post just for you so you can maybe educate yourself on whats happening outside your little world.

Hello! I wanted to clear up some details on the rarest Unique items in Diablo 4.

  1. They can drop from level 85+ enemies
  2. You get them anywhere you can get a regular Unique, and they always drop at 820 ipower
  3. We currently have 6 of them in the game
  4. They’re realllly rare!

twitter source from diablo 4 dev:

The fact that they say in their own post they are reallllllllly rare goes against them allowing 142 people to keep these items that are so rare in 1 month only 2 shakos had been found after millions of people killed level 85+ monsters trying to find this helm. Then they release a patch with a bug to allow this really rare item to drop like candy.

This is not correct the odds were not 1:800000 when they release the patch it was 1:2 odds for barbs/sorc to get the helm from the helltide chest when the patch first released. It has now been fixed and that’s not what this entire post is about. Its about the ill gotten 142 bugged items.

Edit: Also want to point out that this twitter post was posted on Jun 24, 2023 and they even say only 6 uber uniques are currently in the game. SO to allow 142 of these items in after they confirmed what everyone already knew that only 6 total uber unique items have even been found after a month of people grinding hundreds of hours for them killing level 85+ monsters is unacceptable.

What I’m saying is that even when the odds were boosted at 1:2 for sorcs + barbs, they still could have obtained that 1:800000 lucky roll.

Here is a better example: Flip a coin one time, your odds of getting heads are 1:2. Is it possible to flip the coin 100 times and generate 100 heads in a row after the initial coin flip? Sure! Not likely, but still possible.

This is what Blizzard is working with, and why they chose to keep the shako’s. The shako rolls were abnormally boosted during the last patch, but that does not mean that at least one of the 142 accounts did not roll that magic 1:800000 lucky roll since the 1:2 boosted odds masked the actual results. What is certain here is that Blizzard screwed up. Everything else is up in the air.

Again dude they did a SQL query to find the ones gotten from the helltide chests alone. They did not search for the ones that people may have found during the small 4 hour window that these helltide chest were bugged while they were doing NMD or other content. Which we can all argue not a single one was found in this 4 hour window from other content since we can see only 6 uber uniques had ever been found period after a month of the game releasing.

To assume that more than 1 person magically found a shako during this exact window of time that the helltide chests were bugged is ignorant. Lets say even if 1 person got a shako during this time from other events they wouldn’t have had their shako touched because the SQL query used would show that that 1 persons shako was found from NMD Tier 50 that they were running and not a helltide chest so it wouldn’t be affected.

The only items need removed are the ones received from the helltide chests during the 4 hour window. Why is this so hard for people like yourself to understand.

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