Playing on PC, haven't seen a single person type

This guy @Singularity trying to be smart. But he don’t know hiw programming works :smiley:

Don’t waste time for this n00b

ive seen a bunch

it happens more often when world boss spawns

and once they add clan based pvp the need to form social groups will become a requirement.


inb4 100man shrinking zone battle royals and lane based moba style battle grounds.

From looking at PoE people rarely talk in the local chat. It’s global, party and discord where talking happens.

Please stop bull$hit. Read this and shut up:

In games like Diablo and other multiplayer games, global chat is typically implemented using a client-server model where the game’s servers facilitate the transmission of messages. Here’s a simplified explanation of how it might work:

1. Message Creation: When a player writes a message in the chat, the message is sent from the player’s game client (the software running on their computer or console) to the game’s servers.
2. Message Transmission: The server receives the message and sends it out to all other connected players.
3. Message Reception: The message is then received by the game clients of other players, and displayed in their chat windows.

There are different types of chats in many games including local chat (for players nearby), team chat (for players in the same team), and global chat (for all players in the game). For global chat, the server sends the message to every player connected to the game, regardless of their location in the game world.

In more technical detail, these messages are often transmitted using protocols like TCP/IP or UDP, and the server may use techniques like broadcasting (sending to all players) or multicasting (sending to a subset of players) to distribute the messages.

The specific implementation can vary greatly depending on the architecture of the game’s network, the scale of the game (number of players), and other factors. But the general principle is that the game’s servers act as a middleman to facilitate communication between players.

Also, in many games, chat messages may be subject to moderation or filtering to prevent spam, offensive language, or other inappropriate content. This can be done using automated systems, human moderators, or a combination of both.

It is called SignalR in C# :* Now go away.

funny all the people saying its not an mmo or its not possible. these people probably never played path of exile. fanboys gonna be fanboys.

blizzard delivering a subpar experience as usual.

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Click like in this post: Invalid License Issues on PlayStation Consoles - #1539 by Freelancer-21665

CM will see and they will consider adding it.

As a rule of thumb, I turn chat off. I am not fond of them turning this into an mmo-lite. I wish that I could turn off player names and just pretend that they are bugged npcs or something. Id like to be able to mute emotes too. I have found that disabling cross platform has lowered the traffic a bit in hubs, and I see less of the idiotic gamer tags.

Its sad to see this game go full cash grab. At least they didn’t nerf xp and try to force us into buying boosters…for now

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Of course why would you not disable chat? We talk about full worked chat with all options like ignore all, ignore one player, join, leave etc…

Isolation isn’t good man. Ever see what happens to people when they are left alone in the woods? All people are not bad


Diablo Immortals has chat and it is ok (i was playing it for a while)

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Depends on the persons brain chemestry, certain people will function much better when alone, without any of that ‘depression’ stuff all the ‘normies’ deal with.

Yes i can agree, but sometimes you need be able to turn chat on, for general purposes like “cannot kill the boss. Who can block it for me?”

I play sorc on second level. I has problems with airidia and now with lilith. This is why chat should have been added. I will then find in game company who will block it for me.

This end like this: I change difficulty level to lower because i dont wanna stuck on 1 boss, instead of finding help and doing this right.

Wasnt it beautiful if you will go in ARPG to help someone do their job?

You’re probably the minority in that.

D4 is nearly perfect, it would be 10/10 if not for the in-game store, and forced online play.

I dont think so. We should be able to choose. If you wanna stay offline, or wanna join community and being able to speak in chats etc.

Have seen people use local to thank for helping with a world event, not much in towns except during the SS. If you want to be social your best bet is to join a clan that fits with your interests.

Isn’t there only like 4 ppl per shard? I play with friends.

It’s the early stage of the game. Not to mention this is still Early Access. Most of the playerbase playing right now are hard at work on progressing their character or two. Once the general mass gets their hands on the servers, it’ll become more lively.

Many Diablo vets are solo players and not a fan of the forced shared world elements. The multiplayer component has always been an opt-in for those interested. Diablo 4 says “Nice immersion, sure would be a shame if someone ruined it. Have you met xCatboi69x?”

Yes they could. How do people like you with such little creativity survive in this world?

Not saying it’s the best idea. But if they wanted to do it they could just have chat servers separate from in game instances.

Not very hard.

Then don’t join the world chat if they were to add it. Some people like the background noise of others talking in chat and dont feel so alone.