Pay to Win promise has been broken

P2W is an easilly abused excuse for cheapskates.

Oh for the love of all evil! This topic had been chewed to the bone. It is not pay to win, it has no advantage in it, every other game in the last decade had EA versions, no body cared and suddenly everybody cares when it comes to ActiBlizz. Grow the F up.

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So just wondering… If D4 gets discounted in 6 months… And someone buys it at 80% price in Dec 2023… And that person is unable to compete for Lilith statue tag, since promotional event is over by that time… Is this P2W as well, since all the actual competitors had to pay full price? Well, if this is the case, then I guess Blizz would no longer be allowed to lower D4 price ever after, right? :thinking:

No, this is not right.

Come on, promo is a promo, and has no significant impact on in-game power.

It’s not like I am happy with how much Blizz is applying preferential practices with their promos even prior to game starts (KFC promo that is exclusive to USA is another example), but at this time they have not yet broken any of their promises.

I’m unsure if they are acting in their own interest, since this is exactly what makes people worried and suspicious, but well, this is their choice, and their privilege to chose how they are advertising their product. :man_shrugging:

As an early access player, I will be concentrating on the first playthrough. Otherwise, meh.

Um, your name at the top of a leaderboard is winning something. Immortalizing it on a statue is winning. I definitely see the validity of what these people are saying.

This is pay to win in every way its defined. You pay for early access to gain an advantage on the first leaderboard.

The more I think about this, I don’t think there IS a leaderboard. There is nothing in game that shows who has hit HC 100 or in what order.

The “contest” is the first 1000 people who hit HC 100 AND:

  • Submit their entry into the contest via Twitter
  • Have done so without any automation/cheating
  • Have a Battletag that is not a violation of Blizzard’s rules

There will be many people who hit HC 100 and never even bother to submit to the statue opportunity. All of Maxroll seem to have decided they won’t be submitting when they hit HC 100.

There is no leaderboard showing who hit HC 100 and when. It will just be a collection of the first 1000 who submit an entry following the rules Diablo IV Hardcore Victories Contest - Rules


What does anything that you said have to do with what I posted?

Wow you have to buy this op armor set to be viable in d4, it doesn’t matter tho just don’t pvp skip a major part of the game you don’t have to do it. I’m not sure how you blizzard fan boys don’t see how dumb that sounds

So that means it doesn’t need to be a fair race? Because some people don’t care?

Besides, this makes it worse. Blizzard is having competitions that require you to have twitter as well. You know how many people have got off twitter since it changed ownership?

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Excellent point. And since I am not able to gain power IN the game, because I cannot START it, because I didn’t PAY, then it is a Pay2Win.

That said, it’s a minor one in this case and not one that bothers me if there are no more such instances.

?? You said a leaderboard is “winning”. There is no leaderboard for top people who get to HC 100.

There is a collection of people who qualify AND submitted their name via the Twitter entry. There is no ranking of who hit HC 100 first, second, third, with this contest.

You could be the 3000th person to hit HC 100 but if you are the 500th to submit your info, you would be on the statue if your entry is valid.


You’re just completely making up arbitrary rules and boundaries for what P2W is.

If I buy the game for $70 and don’t wait for a sale then I’m paying more money for Earlier Access to the game, and it’s actually a way more substantial advantage because this game likely won’t be on sale for a very long time.

So blizzard can’t even manage there own race to make it fair they are relying on you to post to Twitter so download that app and make an account. O forgot pay that extra cash to because per game reviewers u can be 100 before others get to even play but it’s not pay 2 win we promise

Is it early access though? The full game will release on 1st-2nd of June, depending on the timezone. Its not some early access version, its the gold version. Its literally the full release of the game that costs 90-100 bucks. People who buy it cheaper will have a 4 day later access to the game.

Yes, the top 100 people to complete getting to 100 and posting on twitter is not a leaderboard that tweets out to everyone following in the order it was achieved? This is not magically a leaderboard because its not in game? Are you kidding?

Let me toss a coin. Heads its a leaderboard, tails its a leaderboard. I don’t even have to look because its a leaderboard.

This is first a slap in the face because there is no in game leaderboard. Second, because it is ran on twitter which many don’t use, third it give a pay to win advantage to anyone that got premium packages.

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It is a marketing event for people who want to engage in HC. It is promoting that game mode and encouraging people to play it.

They said there are no leaderboards in game and won’t be until at least Season 3.

This is not a race in-game so much as a race to submit to Twitter and qualify. Blizzard was pretty clear about that - you have to both hit level 100 HC AND submit for it.

I think people just kind of jumped the gun and assumed more about this opportunity than there was. I admit I had to sleep on it a few nights myself.

It is not hit HC 100 first. It is the first 1000 to submit to Twitter AND have hit HC 100. You also have to agree to let your name be used in promotions and stuff (like all their other contests).

I need coffee still and the kitties want to be fed. This is not quite what was assumed.

It is the first 1000, not 100. They never said they are listing them in order of who hits level 100 HC. They just said the first 1000 who submit an entry to the Twitter page and qualify. The contest does not require you to be in the first 1000 at all. Just be in the first who submit to Twitter. Consider that two races if you wish.

Again though, I suppose that is easy to overlook if people assume it is based on something most games have - a leaderboard.


Still why would you start this race before the official release? Not the early release? Still wouldn’t be far since early release would know where to start and how to fast track the xp. Should be started at season 1

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This is what we call pay to play.

So now the leaderboard is on twitter, so much better. There is a lot not in game that should be. Its almost as if they were planning paid expansions like a console game.

Absurd. Its a race to 100 which is done in game and with people who purchased premium access getting the advantage.

You may need more coffee.

Yes, the contest should be in season one. There is more to it. Some people have played early beta and know exactly what to expect. Those people will have a massive advantage over cold players.