Patch 1.3.1 crashing

no set point for crashing happens all over before the game starts in the middle toward the end… have uninstalled and reinstalled the game no change. running scan and repair does help at times. need fix

Move dstash.dll from d4 folder to desktop and it’ll work

Helped my clanmates

Sorry to appear thick but where exactly is it in the folder?

Ignore them. There is no dstash.dll

They are trying to refer to dstorage.dll. And you can either rename it, move it, or just delete it.

However, you can also do this instead:

Go to the gear cog to the right of the play button for Diablo IV in the Battlenet App.

Go to “Game Settings”

Click the “Additional command line arguments” box.



Click “Done” Then you won’t have to mess with files at all.

-Diablo 4 crashes when it is loading - #85 by PezRadar

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Thank you so much for the advice

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