New Hotfix August 9

The fact Wrathful Invokers couldn’t drop from elites is just hilarious to me, doesn’t surprise me, but it is hilarious to get confirmation.

Also a 2% and 3% respectively for wrathful heart/invokers to be craftable… wow they really didn’t want you to enjoy the season at all.

On the bright side at least they buffed the chances now.


Explains why i get like 3 an hour when farming tunnels. The rng was even worse for me though. 12 hours. Roughly 30 or so wrathful hearts. All roulette and poison damage. 0 barbers 0 vile apothecaries.

I bet the 2% and 3% thing is bs. So many people couldn’t even get one with 200-300 crafts.


The previous chance to get a Wrathful Invoker from crafting an Uncertain Invoker was 3%.

The chance is now 15%.

I have crafted 275 Uncertain Invokers and gotten 0 Wrathful Invokers. I absolutely REFUSE to believe there is a 3% chance currently.

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Patch just came out so there’s a 15% now! But I agree, 2-3% seems a little high if that was the case.

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I crafted 100 caches of uncertain heart yesterday for my alt. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

In case you’re wondering, I did get only 2 wrathful hearts from the 100 caches.

Nice, better late than never.

The chances for wrathful hearts and invokers should have been readable at the gambling boxes from the beginning.


The fact that it took them this long to realize they needed to greatly increase the chance to create Wrathfull Hearts/Invokers and the chance to drop is not hilarious, its sad

And the fact that the chances were not informed/visible with crafting means they intentionally wanted us to waste resources

It reeks incompetence. They are lightning fast to nerf stuff, but even the most obvious buffs needed take several weeks

They cant have this constant fear of buffing, this isnt a PVP game, they need to be faster


What makes this worse is the fact it was a hotfix after the major patch that just hit yesterday. Basically an afterthought they couldn’t bother lumping in with the rest of the patch.

Also it’s hilarious to me because if I didn’t laugh I’d be crying at the incompetence.


I wouldn’t put it past them to lie about bugs. Honesty is not their strongest suit.

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Ive farmed idk how many tunnels, but zero barbers in tunnels and 2 barbers in NM dungeons with 20 mins.

over 300 invokers now, still nada. Done with this BS until there’s a real fix for it.

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I’m not normally this guy, but was anyone else taken aback for a second that the blue poster’s name is filthierich? LOL I’m sorry it’s just funny to me, it’s like Blizzard is saying “we rich af, here’s a couple hotfixes lul”


I’ve been saying for a LONG time that the game feels bugged when it comes to RNG. Look at drop rates and the type of uniques you get to drop. Some people get specific uniques like candy while others never see any for hundreds of hours.

It’s crazy that I’ve gotten 3 Rings of Mendeln and 4 Barbers on my Necro, and I know there are level 100 players out there that have yet to get either of them, much less both and multiples of both.

Hahaha … I logged in today for the 1st time after the patch. I’m on my alt Necro, lvl 57 in WT3. I think - hey lemme check and see if they did anything…
I craft 3x Invoker Caches and get a Wrathful Invoker. First one all season.

Oh Blizz. It’s a 3 month season and regardless - you don’t lock a Seasonal mechanic down like this.

That explains how I just got a wraithful invoker to drop. I thought I was just super lucky.

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this is a good hotfix, I came back after the patch last day to give this game another chance and I almost stopped playing when I realized I have to rngfarm invoker caches. Good that they fixed it.

Next step: Remove the sacred and ancestral item groups and incude a monsterlevel->droplevel system. Simple as that.

just GREED, why are the starving us with the hearts, there gone anyways after 2 months… build will be made around them then become useless. Just overwlem with powerfulness so we can HAVE FUN, Not Hope there’s chance. to have fun… the whole atmosphere if the game and what we got is so horribly disappointing i want so badly to enjoy this but…