New Hotfix August 9

Finally. I suspected the chance was ridiculously low, so I stopped trying to get a wrathful invoker. Suspect a lot of other people stopped trying as well.

Nah, it literally doesn’t matter at this point. Everyone quit. Too little, too late.

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Eh, do you even understand basic math? Not getting a 2-3% roll in 300 tries is perfectly within reason. Even if you didn’t get it in 1000 tries that would still just be very unlucky and nothing wrong with the game.

I mean… i just got bug fixed into oblivion and im still playing… sooo… not everyone?

Someone thought .03% was equal to 3% when they put in the variables. Now they are making it 15% to try to equalize the time spent.

It’s a game development philosophy… so it came from the top. Not management top but developer top.

Yeah, wheres guidelines for the nicknames of the staff? can it be more disrispectfull? im still trying to complete the battle crap for my GF account whos playing Baldurs Gate 3… ty blizard for this experience…

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Shows the fact that nobody at Blizzard plays D4 and / or they hate us :slight_smile:

I’m hemorrhaging invokers and hearts now and no stash to store it all. But glad to have so many wrathful hearts nonetheless.

I think this hotfix really cements that the dev team doesn’t understand basic math like percentages. Just look at those original drop rates.
This is further corroborated by their minuscular increases in damage to basic attacks in various patches.

How it doesn’t matter…?

People are actually discussing and happy they got it finally.

“Everyone” is not me! I still want to farm those hearts. Only gotten one barber so far that was bad. So how is it “too little too late”?

For you it is. Not for everyone…

They buffed it within the running mid-season, way too late.
They could have the telemetry before.

I think sometimes they try to get a long with these slow-downs but then when the player feedback is negative on the forum/reddit, then they will change it.

They knew it was super rare all the time.

I swear somebody at blizzard is just so afraid of people actually having fun its laughable. Imagine thinking 3% is ok drop percentage for something that is the literal key to the season.

Its as if management really trying so hard to make us grind for something in a game they’ve never played before like items in this game has any level of meaning.

Ps. Pls hire somebody who understands fundamental statistics/probability


At least they didn’t yell “FEATURE”…#Budgetcoding

It’s ok they are still ignorant to the fact most hearts are not functioning or have incorrect tooltips.

I hate how woefully incompetent this development team has proven themselves to be.

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