Necro skeletons look terrible

The Necromancers skeleton summons look completely out of place in Diablo 4. The game ditched most of the bright cartoony look of D3 and is more dark, subdued, and gritty; until a necro comes along with their clown fiesta managerie.

Please give us even just an option to make them look like the normal skeletons in game.

Also, the sacrifice bonuses for not using them need a major buff. Since they look so ridiculous I tried playing without them, but the bonuses do not compare in the slightest.

EDIT; its now listed in the known issues that the current skeleton glow effect is not finalized. Fingers crossed they get it right.


I love you for this…


Fingers crossed they read our feedback posts about the minions visuals and make changes…


I completely agree here, they wanted to go with a darker tone to the game, but the bright saturated core of the skellies just make it feel like a mobile game aesthetic. It goes against the tone of the game, and takes me out of the immersion.


Agree, i need “normal” skeletons


I totally agree, they missed it for sure on this. I actually desummoned and ran without them, that’s how out of place they made it feel. Along with the staggering issues with them.


I concur. I think they lazily used some existing assets.


Head cannon: I cast a light spell on my minions so that I don’t have to carry a torch around to see.


If we need an easy mark to tell summons from regular skellies. Just have them slightly bigger and a dagger in their skull with a flag of our choosing. Or have their skulls painted in blood.

Literally looks like they copied the assets from D3 and stuck them in.


I agree, the skeletons in diablo 2 had a grit/normalcy about them. It’s the blue glow. And the mages I could do without the hovering.


I don’t care what they look like as long as their swords kill things, rather than sitting their looking pretty while I wait for a 2 min cooldown.

Yeah I’m loving the game so far especially going for PC to console and back so I can play couch CO=Op with my partner but Unforchantly when you play as a necromancer and how very bright and visible your own skeletons seem to make it really hard to play on couch Co-op it’s to much visual noise and often my partner can’t keep track of what happening because they appearance dominates the screen and it feels messy. Also, the there slightly more “cartoony” appearance is a little off-putting. I don’t think it would hurt necromancer gameplay if we toned down the blue glow, making them a little smaller, and maybe at some point, they could get a model replacement to be more like regular Skeletons. it would make playing the game easier I think, I mean my Skelly army is more visible than the enemies I’m fighting and I can’t think of how this is helpful, it’s not like I need to target my skeletons to cast buffs on them or anything, and using the number on the icon to keep track of how many are still alive seems pretty sufficient to me. I personally would prefer them to blend in a little more


You want to lose sight in your Skeletons in clutch moments so you can’t give them proper command? If Skeletons would look exactly like enemy skeletons I would never pick up Necro. Now its time to test it anyway. From level 1 to 25. Cya!

Agree, i don’t like glow at all. And mages floating? WTF


I noticed that too. Why make the mages hover? They look more like cartoony ghosts. May as well just remodel them to look like casper…

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lol why are they blue? shouldn’t they be like bone colored, brown with red, kinda nasty lookin… you know, how a summoned skeleton from a corpse would look…

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Don’t worry. They will eventually offer micro-transactions so your skeletons look like they belong in this world.


You cannot command your minions here. You summon them and your screen gets full of glowing crap. Seeing how they made this necro very much like D3’s necro then I rather not get command skeletons. I don’t want my minions instantly teleporting to my target.

It shouldn’t take 500 IQ to make the skeletons model dark, not cartoony, and different from skeleton mobs.

It would have been interesting to have a different way to command your minions. Imagine commanding a shield wall with the minions carrying a shield and protecting you while mages attack from behind the shield wall or having skirmishers quickly advance in a line and attacking. Now something of the sort would have been interesting. It would be meaningful to give it the name of an Army, but the way it currently is, you summon your glowing minions, forget about them and keep track of the numbers of minions you have summoned.


You can dismiss your Skeletons if one artistical choice makes you abandon this amazing game. Or go play PoE.

$9.99 for new skeleton appearances