Multiple Disconnects forcing requeue times over 2 hours

The game connection has been lost: Your client has been disconnected from the server. This has happened 3 times now.

Each time, needing to requeue with the longest queue time to be 113 minutes!

Posting here for visibility incase i need to request a refund later.

Looks like im not the only one having this issue.


Many of us have been dealing with it for 7 hours, get in line.


Yup! so sad, that line is over 2hours long…

Making sure I’ve posted my proof so that they don’t stiff me when i ask for a refund


I just tried to get on and was instantly in queue for 90 min and then once the timer went down to 0 it was stuck on Queue for about 1 min until it showed up with an error message saying “server error/check your version”

Really dissapointing


I actively feel your pain but you are not getting a refund for a game in beta


We’ve all pre-ordered the game that gave us access to the open-beta. This would be a major selling point to the pre-release. Not only pre-order, but had to purchase a premium package too. Then not being able to deliver? If refund isn’t delivered, then my bank could sort it out with a chargeback (not fit for purpose or not working as intended).


Agree. Everyone is complaining as if the game was actually finished.
Today I’ve been in queue for around 5 hours, and 2 hours of actual game play.

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Homie they are hosted by Amazon, which literally offers a stress test service. Where they bombard your infrastructure with fake users. This could have been ironed out before the open beta. But they chose not to pay for that service.


I have spent over 5 hours in queue collectively to play since i got on around 2 pm. been disconnected twice. 2 hours~ish time spent in game. I’ve spent more time scrolling reddit waiting to play than actually playing. you would think a company with mostly server based games would prepare the infrastructure for a avalance of players based on preorders and triple it based of potential beta goers who only needed a chicken sandwich to get in.


I got the exact same issue. i Got kick out with the “The game connection has been lost: Your client has been disconnected from the server.”

Like RTmang, its my third time it happen today. This time i can actually still see my caracter in the menu. earlier i coulnt even see my caracter. i can see the “startgame” option but when i press “start game” i get the “There was an error. (Code 316719).”

I don’t want to leave the game, in case i get push back into the queue thats is almost 1h30 right now :confused:


5th time in que for over an hour. They should make something taht allows players who have already established a game connection, to reconnect quicker. THis is absolute bs.

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LOOOOL fanboy alert everyone! bragging about waiting 5 hours in queue for a product they paid for. Your a sad man dude

bruh I got in with chicken sandwich (っ °Д °;)っ


weee beta. all of this is expected

I’ve been in queue twice for over 80 plus minutes it gets to zero then give the error that it was unable to contact the server then closes the game. At this point I would at least like to get the character created or at the vary least see the opening.

Now that I think about it, if getting in to the Beta is this BAD !! I have no hope this kind of thing will be resolved when the game launches in June. Blizzard doesn’t have the best track record when comes to new content or game releases being successfully. :frowning:

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Not expected for beta…this isn’t even the open beta that is going to happen next weekend. If things are this bad with a known amount of players and limited to 3 character types, I hate to see how things are going to be next weekend when anyone can get on.

Real talk, we know some people aren’t participating in this beta simply because they can’t play Druid or Necromancer

WTF? I want my money back…some BS

i can’t login been trying for 6hrs now (3rd attempt… -sigh-

everyone thats crying for refund. what? you going to ask for it then just spend it right back when game goes live?