Multiple Disconnects forcing requeue times over 2 hours

Deeply disappointed in all you ppl at Blizzard. Hopefully the June timeline is enough to unfk yourselves for launch. D2r had the same issue, and even though it is BETA… you still have login issues. I’ve followed blizzard since D1. Sometimes I think you should just remake that and call it quits.

Truth be told, I’d ask for a refund just to repurchase for ps5 instead of PC. At least their servers are holding up.


It’s going to happen all day tomorrow, too. And no extension of the testing will be given to us. I probably should have expected this from Blizzard.

So supposedly there was a leak on Reddit about blizz cycle disconnecting people on the beta servers to spread the beta access to " people" (Streamers). I don’t know if it’s true but if it is SHAME ON YOU BLIZZ AND YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY.

i have gotten in 3 times today only to be disconnected shortly afterwards. what ta total waste of time and money. this will be my last blizzard game i ever buy if this is not fixed.

oh no a refund for a game thats in beta stage and isnt coming out until june. What do you want a refund for? a broken game that isnt finished and isnt released?

It’s a beta, get over yourself, this is the first chance they have had to decently stress the servers and you expected it to go flawlessly? You’re delusional.

Also, enjoy having your account terminated if you chargeback :smiley:

‘ITS A BETA!’ The fanboys cry. To be honest its still depressing that every time a new product come out of Blizzard and its server based, they always fail the beta/stress test and public launch. They shouldn’t try promoting something they wont put proper infrastructure to handle the new influx of interested players.

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Same here. I’ve played probably around 25mins in two sessions with around 228mins of queues.

Its been a blast.

At least some people can queue up. been waiting all day to finally play the beta and mine wont even let me start it up, paid 100$ for this.

I refunded earlier today.

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I got a refund, and ill buy it when its on sale and fixed, hurting everyone’s bottom line. I hope people do the same.

You done? It looks like you are done.
Also, fellow fanboy, how fanboy you need to be to actually log to the forums and take your sweet time to read each post to decide to which respond with a 12 y/o response?
At lease the queues are not as criminal as last weekend.