Microsoft fires 1900 ActiBlizz employees + president Mike Ybarra

Every single Blizzard spinoff has failed to live up to the reputation of Blizzard. Maybe one day there will be a success story, but history tells a sobering tale.

I think the coding and art departments still work their butts off. Blizzard would probably be better off with less middle managers though.


Keep your eyes open on help wanted jobs. Starcraft is coming back.


You are right. I’m just so disappointed in ms since I was a big forza fan and they just ruined it with their directionless way of publishing and greenlighting games.

I also only talk about the xbox studios there. I’m aware the gamepass has great games… I often subscribe to it myself for one month. But their own bigger releases… are all just disappointments.

I was looking forward to forza motorsport but the gamepass design and bugs ruined it. Just one single example that really hurt me out of a couple.

True, but with the way Blizzard releases games these days I don’t think it’d be too hard to be on par with them. Blizzard hasn’t released anything in years that has lived up to their old reputation aside from maybe Starcraft 2 and for some Overwatch 1.

no worries it’s just wow dying. i think?

can’t say im surprised. they do need a big shake-up. everything they touch crumbles to dust “recently”.

I think they’ve done a good job at maintaining their reputation, they just haven’t put out anything revolutionary in a long time.

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That guy almost couldn’t hold his tears when speaking about what Blizz has achieved in the last Blizzcon. Guess he really has strong feelings about the company and their employees and it’s no surprise that he left in light of this.

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$1 says he joins Greg Street or Mike Morhaime’s teams.

The reason why Blizzard spinoffs don’t work, is that you would need a company of equal size to do what they do. The only way to avoid this would be to return to the old days of a skeleton crew filled with extremely high value employees, but I think Blizzard keeps those guys under lock and key.

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Yet somehow Todd Howard, and Emil Pagliarulo still have jobs at ZeniMax… amazing.

Well I played SC2 quite a bit… sadly I am still bad :smiley: But there is like no way it can be played without M+K

Even at my lvl there is like 100-150 APM.

Check some pro-games, its amazing.

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People overrate game designers and producers. It’s really rare IMO to have a game designer that acts as an auteur of a game the way Sid Meier or John Carmack did/do. The guys that leave Blizzard to start their own companies may work extremely well in the Blizzard system, but they don’t have the skills to act independently and be as successful as they were at Blizzard.

I don’t know the inner workings of Blizzard well enough, but the only people that come to mind that would be capable of spinning off their own successful company would be Metzen/Samwise.

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From what I recall, and of course this can quickly be found, WoW was built on a very small team of forty people and they were blown away by its massive unexpected success.

If you have a great design and great product it won’t matter. Look at Valheim, what was that 4/5 people?

I keep trying to tell people this and no one really truly seems to get it. The best way to sell a product is to make a quality product. Marketing etc is extremely important, but at the end of the day you need to have something worth selling. There are very few highly successful products that are mostly marketing.

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Absolutely embarrassing. I’m almost certain Microsoft reassured no layoffs would come with the acquisition. A shameful turn of events that has me even less hopeful about the state of games coming down Blizzard’s pipeline in the future. 1,900 employees is no joke at all and is sure to be felt in the quality of Blizzard titles.

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This doesn’t surprise me in the least. I also think that getting rid of the survival game was the right decision. It was a desperation attempt on Blizzards side to show Microsoft they still had ideas coming. Given how D4’s reception has been, the fiasco that is OW2, Hearthstone on the decline, and their whole esports side for any of their games is pretty much gone, the only thing keeping Blizzard afloat seems to be WoW and D:Immortal, at least according to their reports. Oh D4 made great sales, but the issue is keeping up the revenue at this point.

We’ll see how this pans out for the future of Blizzard. Without knowing which departments were let go, grunt employees, mid to upper management, etc it’s difficult to say what this will do to the company.

didnt they say 9k+ ppl worked on d4? for these results?!

ofc microsoft was gonna try and get it leaner heh

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Well when all else fails get back to basics. It’s rebranding time perhaps :open_mouth:

Imo use WoW to find your S team devs with great ideas, talent, and so forth and get them promoted and on their own teams.

I should start a 50 billion dollar game company:

50 top tier coders
50 top tier artists
25 top tier lawyers

we would be unstoppable

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This was kind of expected.