Microsoft fires 1900 ActiBlizz employees + president Mike Ybarra

I wish the title was a joke.


man… why couldnt they do this when the horse was good (first few days of s2)… now we are stuck with a broken slow donkey that randomly gets stuck on invisa rocks for life :frowning:


Microsoft acquisition of activision/blizzard was never about making great games or making the company better, it was about game title rights.

This isnt surprising honestly.

I was excited for the merger at first HOPING they would release starcraft/warcraft onto xbox gamepass ultimate, but thats is wishful thinking honestly.

Nothing more than big business where numbers matter more than people or product….it is the way of the world.


I really wish world of starcraft could have been a real (MMO) thing. i would have loved rolling a protoss sniper


Please just tell me the forum moderators kept their jobs and we will be okay.


“1900 roles out of the 22,000”. That’s okay. It’s also good to get some new blood considering the state of the current games.


Jesus the survival game was canceled? Owch! Holy moly ravioli that is a TON of people man. Even Ybara left?


Not so long ago people were saying how the Microsoft acquisition would save Blizzard…haha…
All jokes aside, it’s certainly not a fun news. That’s a lot of people.


It was 1900 company wide not Blizzard. Blizz had most of them. Zenimax & others lost ppl too. Riot laid off a buncha ppl too. It’s that time of the year.


As soon as Blizzard entered the mainstream corporate world the bloat started. WoW was made with a team of like 100 people. Hopefully none of the core employees were let go.

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I have never seen one thing or person that has ever said that. Not saying it isnt true, just i havent seen it when i was following the litigation.

Why did sony fight so hard in court for the merger to not happen? because they know, soon, CoD will be xbox/gamepass exclusive. And once MS does that, they steal a HUGE chunk of money/playerbase from sony. Ya ya, i know there is some sort of contract or guarantee in place that MS wouldn’t do that, but it is only a matter of time until they find a way around it.

Big companies swallow up little companies all the time. This one was a bit bigger, but the principle is still the same.

When the dust settles from the litigation, it will happen. MS is probably about to shake up the gaming world.

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Call of Diablo sucks


I made the mistake of not knowing both the size of Microsoft compared to Activision/Blizzard and the fact that windows represents a small fraction of their total revenue.

Activision/Blizzard is 2% of the total market cap of Microsoft. Microsoft loses the entire value of Activision/Blizzard on one bad day of trading HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA

Purchasing a company that is 2% of your market cap is not even about the money, it’s about avoiding anti trust litigation HAHAHHA

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Would love to see like you playing SC2 with controler :smiley:

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Classic microsoft doing microsoft things. Now watch them to release even more broken and garbage products.

They ruined halo, forza, every single new franchise besides grounded which is just a niche title from a small B-Team (not an insult this time… they did a great job there) of obsidian.

Everything under microsoft is bound to fail. With only 1-3 niche exceptions. As long as they yell out gamepass design games (release broken games with a lot of time waster mechanics to sell you a promise of patches only so you subscribe again later)… nothing will change.

Be ready for the gamepass to get worse and more expensive in a couple of years. Be ready to slowly forget about blizzard since the shell of it already crumbles.


I played it on the pooter YEARS ago. I would be up for the challenge.

I see what you’re saying though. Pooter players have a huge advantage with the keyboard and the ability to remap all the keys….and of course the mouse point to move.

But i would still try like hell to do it.

I don’t know him personally, but from what I know about Bill Gates he seems like a great person. I don’t think anything major still happens at Microsoft without his approval.

Hellgate 2 or whatever they were going for got canceled. That’s the big number of layoffs. Mostly ppl from the fps survival game that was never announced.

Microsoft would be incredibly stupid to ruin Blizzard. In strict dollars and cents Blizzard is an insect compared to Microsoft, but a lot of the gaming industry still looks to Blizzard for guidance and standards and getting rid of that would have major ramifications for the entire industry, and ultimately the technology sector as a whole.

There is a silver lining here. A LOT of former Blizzard talent and most of the old staff have left and quite a few are working on making their own version of amazing games.

Greg Streets new MMO with lots of former top tier devs
Mike Morhaim and his business supporting two developers
Stormgate RTS by ex SC2 devs and Warcraft 3 devs
Riots new mmo is also on the horizon

Lots of new arpg’s will likely be made after D4 and PoE 2 continue to draw attention to the genre, and so forth and so on.

Also, not every game on the gamepass is god awful. Lots of games on there are quite good!

Maybe, but a lot of what Blizzard does these days isn’t that great imo. Hopefully MS will mix things up enough to help give Blizzard lots of room to make better games. And if they don’t then I’m sure more layoffs are imminent and more projects will be cut.