Level 21 glyphs reduced to 19 at aoz launch

my glyphs were 21 now showing 19 after the patch


Same here. All 19 glyphs

Same, all my level 21 glyphs are now level 19

same here, all my 21st glyphs are now level 19.

Same, all my 21 glyphs are 19.

My lvl 15 glyphs are now 14 and a 14 is now 13.

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We are looking into this. Thanks for the report!


it’s not just level 21 glyphs, pretty sure it’s ALL glyphs.

same please fix, I had almost all at 21

Did the Glyph XP required to level glyphs increase by accident?? That might be why the glyphs downgraded

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Gold from 21 to 19.
Blue from 11 to 10.

Looks like it, needed 361 before for level 21, now 600+.

Yeah it looks like the needed xp for glyphs went up a ton. I hope this wasn’t intended.

Yeah, add me as another this happen to.

yeah, so since we need more it lowered are current total glyph exp to lvl 19. Since they obviously didn’t code the change correctly. lol…

same problem, all glyphs have lost levels
and threshold have been increased

As I said in other posts, unless they fix that. I’m done. I’m not rerunning a ton of NM to recap my Glyphs. Running 4 Chars is hard enough. I’m not grindin all those NM all over again.

Same here. Had 5x glyphs at level 21 & the sixth was level 18. This is why we’re supposed to have QA teams…

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So its been a cpl hours, any idea where this is going yet. Be nice to know if a fix is coming or if this is a new norm and we should level them again.

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same here. Please fix soon.