Level 21 glyphs reduced to 19 at aoz launch

well if you get more xp will take same amount of runs . But thats not what they said only that you will get more xp per nm run. So they messed up this is 101 on how to piss whole of your player base off.

Yep, getting more glyph xp is not a quality of life fix if it takes twice as much xp to level the glyph. SMH. I’m hoping its a mistake and they fix fast. Cause thats annoying.

same here, and its all the glyphs.

at launch tonught all my glyphs decrease 2 levels
19-> 17
16-> 14

same. from 14 it was drop one lvl down.

I just noticed the same issue. All glyphs that were 15 yesterday went to 14 today. The only one that’s at 15 is the one I just leveled from 3.

Same issue for me was looking forward to getting off work and running, but am now slowed down in all progress due to my glyphs lvls. Please fix soon.

Same issue 21 to 19, hopefully this gets fixed

all those at 21, dropped to 19

those at 15 dropped to 14

Same 21>19, 15>14, all glyphs

Chill guys, 7 of my glyph went from lv 21 to lv 19, also another glyph was downgrade, they already said they are about to fix it, relax!!

That was going on close to 6 hours ago…

HOw about fix it now /? Its been like a few hours, Kinda BS , Fix what i paid for smol indieee company blizz , Cant 1 of the 100000s of employees take a look see at the game breaking issue ? neat thannnnks

Yeah, same! Please add me as another this happen to and fix it soon. Thanks

The issue has been fixed as of Hotfix Patch 1.2.3a. Still having random lag spikes when exiting dungeons & fast-traveling back to town though with the added “bonus” of lag as soon as the Character Select screen loads after launching the game in the Battle.net client upon installing the hotfix.