Items enabling builds

Builds should scale linear with items, items enabling builds is terrible idea. A lot of skills are useless without the items special effects. This system is take from D3 and makes you look in the guides before even creating your character.


I partially agree. I want to be in control of my build, not the rng gods. Having said that, I do like having items that boost skills, and that is traditional. I wish they would give us attribute points to spend on level up rather than have our attributes be entirely dependent on rng.

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Ofc items should boost skills, but special effects boosting wolves 150% and hydra by additional head(about 30% ) is too much. This is not boost but build enabling items.


The more I played the more I agreed with this. But the legendary system that extracts powers made it marginally better after you got some powers from dungeons. Overall it’s ok as it.


Yeah it feels bad in very gear dependent classes when you don’t have that item to enable you to do better.


D3 had extract powers too, this wasn’t solution. As far as i know in D4 you can put the extracted power in a Rare item only.

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At this point, I have to adapt my gameplay to whatever additional skills my equip gives me.

While it’s fun right now given that we don’t have tougher challenges that is to be expected at endgame, it feels limiting to build your playstyle to whatever skill the equipment you have with you.

Either forego better stated equip for the ones you already have with the skill set you want, or change with another one: not exactly an appealing ultimatum.


I m not sure respec in the official game (not beta) will be free as it is now. And adding the fact game has hardcore mode waiting for the rng item looks terrible.


I didn’t even start with the respec cost cause I see that the current respec system and cost has its pros and cons, but before going into that, they should really should stop making the same mistake as they did with Diablo III: your playstyle is 100% dictated by what you equip, it should be the other way around.


Items change the way the skills work and how you can play them. And that is awesome.

If you pursue just the pure dps numbers, any system would be dull and frustrating, because you will still need to min-max smth to do better, and it does not matter whether it is a special effect on an item, or a soft cap for a specific stat. Special effect at least add diversity to the builds.

And you don’t need to look into guides to play your class or skills, you look into guides because you want to know the “build with the biggest numbers” which is not necessarily the “most fun build” or the “build you actually like playing”.

We can turn this around, imagine I have fun with druid wolves build but never get the special effect 150% damage for them and because of that can’t play them. Actually min maxing is what RPG games are and what makes them playable after reaching the maximum lvl or end of the game. If not min maxing all RPG would be dead in few months of play.

Hydra legendary is 100% more dmg. It’s double hydras, not just 1 more head. That item alone is what’s making the Sorc seem OP.

Other skills that don’t have this type of crazy modifier, like Incinerate, or Fireball, are not very good.

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So true, it’s awful.

Items should compliment builds.

You should not build around the items you pick up.


items are not enabling builds at this stage of the game, absolutely no way comparable to how restrictive it is in D3…

My elementalist Druid wouldn’t work at 25 without some of the items I have, so it does.

My only gripe is the restriction on what an extracted item can be imprinted onto.

Item design like this is derived from D3 and is atrocious. Good game, but the itemization needs to change or it’s going to be like D3 sets all over again.

Doesn’t matter if its beta or not, it’s a fundamental issue. End game itemization will be the same. The problem will be worse once the game is officially released and item drop rates is back to normal. You’ll most likely have to level in a spec that you don’t want to because you can’t manage to find the correct legendary aspect.


wrong. it wont work they way you want it to. it will still work. this may change at end game if it is designed as stupidly as it was in D3 which will require specific metas to advance…

No, it literally wouldn’t. Melee classes don’t have the luxury of generating resource passively so if I can’t survive meleeing a boss then I die. Now it’s face roll and the world boss can’t kill me either.

sounds like a skill issue. im 20 on a ww druid and have no issues with bosses… and should mention… the only legos i have so far boost elemental powers

Not at all, just for the storm strike landslide build I’m running there’s certain items that make your life a lot easier. I can’t speak for shapeshifting builds but aside from some melee oriented bosses around level 20 I had no issues at all.