Is this Spiritborn thing for real?

I just read that the new class will be spiritborn and not paladin.

Is this for real? I’m pretty sure this is going to be a massive mistake, the paladin is as iconic to diablo as diablo himself.

But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, he’s not in his own game ether. :joy:


Its their attempt at being creative and comming up with something original in this game and it sounds good when marketing it, if you buy into it.

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It’s for real won’t be Paladin or any old class.

It’s for real, I saw a leaked image, it looks like a mix of Jar Jar Binks and one of the “Aliens” or w/e they are in Avatar. It’ll play like a WoW shaman with some D2 Amazon vibes. They’re getting their own specific 1h’er wpn too. Looks lame af.

/nods in agreement


The Warrior should be the most iconic since he’s the OG poster boy of the game and even Diablo himself.

What if the final class when Diablo arrives in the last expansion is Warrior?

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That would be the best thing that could happen to this game, for that reason it likely wont.
They seem to ignore the fact that the best thing for this game is usually the most obvious answer, but they gotta try to re-invent the wheel. :pregnant_man:

Ya. The spiritborn would be a huge mistake.

They would alienate so many people.

Oh well….maybe that would be the final nail in the coffin….or maybe it would be a boon in player activity.

Time will tell.


nobody knows. the less information they give, usually the bigger the risk on what it actually turns out to be. look at the season 3 theme. no one even knew what it was until the weekend before? why? cause they knew it was risky.

Did Blizzard ever say it was called a “Spit Board” or was it just from a “leak.” I remember seeing some art which Blizzard took down the class looked like it was in plate armor with wings. It had a shield and a polearm.

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im just glad it wont be a paladin or crusader



SPirit Born is just going to be a fancy monk.

They said it was something we have never seed before.

i think its supposed to use glaives like illidan

The paladin has only been in 1 diablo game and lore wise paladins no longer exist

Incorrect the Paladin was in D2 the crusader (Paladin on steroids’) is in D3 and Immortal.

Incorrect we do a quest with a paladin in D4 and another one with a Crusader.

Thats not a paladin, thats someone calling themselves a paladin

Not a joke, they have stated before that they are creating a class that hasn’t been in any other diablo game as a playable character. I’m all fine with them creating a new class for the diablo series, sure its a shame that the beloved paladin is not present same as with the big bad D themself.

Here is my speculation of how they potentially might do Diablo 4. The base game we got showcased Lilith and her plans, which ultimately the “Sudo Horadrim” “Neyrelle” has entrapped Mephisto in a soul stone. However we know that the essence of Mephisto is slowly seeping out of the stone which eventually will corrupt Neyrelle and fuel the hatred within her about the loss of her mother. Mephisto will be the end of the First expansion with the unleashing of his brothers which would lead into the 2nd expansion.

Like I said only speculation, but I am wondering if they are going to dedicate an expansion for each of the Prime Evils. But who knows really…

I hope the new class is Hammond from Overwatch :hamster:.

We’ll show these monkey barbs what “spin to win” really looks like.

Spiritborn sounds more like a race than a class.

Wouldn’t object to having races in Diablo, but they shouldn’t be mixed up with classes.

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