How Do I Get: Wrathful Malignant Invoker?

Crafted 23 uncertain invokers 2 days ago, got a Wrathful.
Clan mate craft 25, he got one as well.

Maybe they upped the chances?

To what end? Do the other ones. All it gices you is season pass xp, which is already easy to max out.

I wanted to do a 100% complete journey. Which will probably not happen.

I did 65 in total yesterday and got no Wrathful invoker…

I finally got one after hitting 100, killing Uber Lilith, and opening 150+ uncertain invoker boxes.

This almost sounds like one other item we have to get in these Diablo games. You have to go to the caverns of frost in D3. For gemstone 100’s of times to get one.

Plus I have to change what I said in earlier post. I have the other ones and that is what I should have said. I have not got one either no matter what I have done. Plus I’m at level 50 too. I’m not wasting my time running around trying to get one, If I get it whenever I do the quest.

you don’t. They just put that idea out to keep ppl playing the game. Or it’s broken and they haven’t fixed it, like the Boon in the Tide achievement which has never worked since S1 started.

I finally got 100 on my rabies druid. I don’t know how many of those things I crafted in total, but I only got 1 that entire time. Wish I never tried, such a waste of time.

If you are talking about the one where you have to get 50,000,000 in gold. I have done that one many times with no problem.

Boon of the Hoarder? wasn’t that a Legendary Gem in D3?

Yes and if you upgraded it to lvl 50. Then you put into like ring or amulet. Then put a green gem in you helm & use the crown in the cube. The gold would drop like crazy.

If he is talking about Boon of the Hoarder achievement. The best place to do that is in the cow area. In there you pickup more 100,000,000 in gold.

Dude tell me what i’m doing wrong please. I’m on world tier 4, i have opened 47 so far, not a single F’ing wrathful invoker, What is going on?!?!?!? I have all but given up on the seasonal stuff.

only way I know to get one is to make uncertain satchels on the table and pray you get one from there.

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Look up the achievement, has nothing to do with gold.

Thx, it works, one dropped from a mob yesterday finally, after 23 days of playing.

I look up the achievement and there is none that I can find. Maybe I miss it, but I look through all the achievements out there and didn’t find one. “Boon of the Hoarder achievement”. I even look online, and all is out there just talking about Boon of the Hoarder gem. Just how to use it. Doesn’t say anything about doing any achievement.

They implemented that “hotfix” because they saw player numbers dropping fast!

sry, it’s Boon in the Tide.

  • A Boon in the Tide – Open 1 Tortured Gift of any kind during a Helltide.
    Game spot has all the seasonal achievements for D4S1.

Man, they are now dropping a lot. I used one and then the mob dropped a heart and another invoker lol.
But my question is this:
Do any of the other tunnels drop or have dropped a Barber heart?
Because at Ravening pit, it drops creeping death, malignant pact or the great feast.

I will gladly say after the update I have been able to find these out of every 4-6 caches. I legit opened over over 100 previously with no luck but it’s been super easy since the update.