How Do I Get: Wrathful Malignant Invoker?

12 days later, I finally got the only wrathful invoker I need for the season journey.

I received 5 or 6 wrathful malignant invokers as a reward upon completing season chapter 2, I believe…would have to check where I am atm to be sure. I used one of them, the rest are still in my inventory. :flushed:

lmao. You definitely didn’t, dude. You obviously don’t know which item we’re talking about here.

It’s the only way and arguably not worth it (besides the achievement) unless I’m missing something. Just craft the random heart bag for a chance at wrathful, which is cheaper, and skip the whole invoker process.

We also get waaaay more invokers than we can realistically use. I have like 50 of each one and constantly finding more. No idea what I’m supposed to do with them but I wish we could salvage them too at least.

You don’t. It’s just another hamster wheel scam by blizzard.

you are lucky I have gotten 1 in like 20.

Grab a golden horshoe and ram that thing up your behind.

Made roughly 30 invokers, never once has it been a wrathful.
Which fits with the rest of my “luck”.
Have had 9 unique chest pieces drop, every single one a “mad wolfs glee”.
Have had 8 unique helms drop, every single one a “vasilys prayer”.

When they skew luck so badly just to keep you playing longer you know they are devoid of actual good end game design.

Just did all that I could (58 in total). 25 in WT4, the rest in WT2 (since some of you wondered if it could be tied to that here).

Results: None of them were Wrathful. Also, I have the Malignant boon from Smoldering Ashes to maximum.

Bullsh*t there…

You don’t. It was added as a joke.

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I just thought of something. I heard your drops luck diminishes when you play to much. I got my wrathful, after 12 days, just after not playing for 2 days. Anyone else want to test not playing for 1 or 2 whole days, and then open like 3 or 4, and let us know if you get one?

I got one from the very first one I opened. Took my wife about 8 to get 1.

I received a wrathful invoker from first 3 or so uncertain invoker things, almost immediately… never seen one since. I just want a barber :frowning:

It’s only worth crafting one for the season challenge - and you can even skip that because you don’t have to do every challenge to progress. For gearing purposes it’s more efficient to just craft the random Heart box and have a chance at wrathful heart directly. The random heart is both cheaper to craft and seems to have a higher probability but that’s my anecdotal evidence.

I’ve started to believe the whole Wrathful Invoker thingy is a lie. Probably the game and you people are just trolling me, and the item doesn’t even exist :smiley:.
I’m now lvl 91, and I tried to craft multiple (3-10) of those every day since season start after lvl 35 or so. I’m not wise enough to learn anything from this, so I’ll probably continue wasting my time each day rest of the season.

I’m fairly certain that I’ll kill Uber Lilith and complete every other achievement before I find a Wrathful Invoker. They put the Wrathful Invoker achievement in the wrong chapter. IMO, it should be in the last chapter.

It’s a “surprise mechanic”. Blizzard have apparently not been paying attention to the general hatred of loot box mechanics that’s been prominent among customers for the past four or five years. The irvine bubble strikes again. It’s almost like they don’t have phones.

Whimsyshire > Malignant.

Maybe it has something to do with the location of where the Uncertain Cache is being crafted from?

Maybe we should be comparing how many Invokers are being popped from each location to see if there is a correlation.

Trying to craft wrathfuls is a waste of time.

There are a few ways to get wrathful hearts:

A) play the game. A wrathful elite will spawn eventually.
B) farm seasonal tunnels. The “kill all” tunnels are the best as the final spawn, Alicanthe, has a chance to be wrathful.
C) farm vashran boss. He drops a random heart. Sometimes its wrathful.
D) farm the final seasonal quest dungeon by reseting dungeon.

I have a stash tab full of hearts. And 100+ turkey basters of each (minus wrathful)

Wt4 is best for level 4 hearts and using ashes is better for lvl5 hearts.

Sure, it is. We all only want one to meet the chapter 3 objective in the season journey. After that, back to regular farming for hearts.