How Do I Get: Wrathful Malignant Invoker?

I’m not quite understanding how to obtain this item. I tried opening about a dozen Uncertain Hearts, and didn’t receive even one.


uncertain invoker sachels is best way ive found.
usually out of 5 i get one, if im lucky


Gah, I just tried to open 3 of those after you posted that. Got 0 :confused: Now out of mats.

Ok I have one and how do you use it???

One of things you have to do in chapter 3 is use one of them in the cave. I have tried everything.

I search the internet and it tells you how to get one or make one. But there no info on how to use it once you are in the area to use it.

Look for the room with a big Malignant pustule in the center, flanked by two smaller, colored pustules. The smaller pustules can be interacted with; match invoker color to small pustule color. :slight_smile:

In some of the malignant tunnels you’ll find another room after you clear the main tunnel. In this other room you’ll find a malignant tumor with two invoker nodes. One wrathful, and the other is for another one of the invokers, chosen at random.

Use the wrathful node and you’ll use your wrathful invoker and summon a wrathful enemy to defeat.


You got 1 out of 5? Seriously?
Got any before going to WT4 at all?


First issue is, crafting uncertain “hearts” has a chance to give you a wrathful heart and 0 chance to give you a wrathful invoker. You should be crafting the uncertain inokers, whatever they called it.


To add. Wrathful Hearts can drop in Tunnels and NM/Normal dungeons. I’ve gotten 5 which is funny since I never found an invoker for one still. I’ve not seen any drop outside like Helltides yet.

Honestly think you’d have the most luck just spamming tunnels. You don’t even need an invoker.

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Honestly, I believe the caches are a trap. They cost far too much for almost no chance of getting wrathful anything. It’s a far better strategy to spam malignant tunnels looking for wrathful elites.


The caches give you a one in 4 chance of getting a wrathful turkey baster.

You can just run dungeons and hope RNJesus likes you but well, the caches are the best odds.

Yeah, something seems off about this Chapter 3 objective. I’ve 100% Chapters 1, 2, 4, Slayer and nearly Champion, but Chapter 3 is at 10/11 because of this idiotic invoker. Plenty of time left in the season to get it, I know, I just wish there were ways to get one other than RNG on an material-expensive RNG.


Lol, turkey baster. RNJesus must hate me because I’ve opened about 12 so far and nothing.


Weird to be at 10/11 and uncomplete when you only need like 70-75% of each tier to claim its reward…

Oh the Chapter 3 is complete, just not 100% complete is what I meant.


Same here. I am on Chapter 7 but I have the 3rd one stuck at 10/11 and chapter 5 for which I am lacking 2 (wrathful heart and the generic helltide chest that is bugged).

On chapter 6, missing the level 75 which will come one day and the glyph at level 20, which is the same :slight_smile:

Yea this is cap, I’ve opened a solid 30-40 of them and haven’t seen a single one. It’s probably more like a 5% chance to be Wrathful.


30-40 and not one yet??? either you have terrible rng or it bugged or something. as i said earlier, out of 5 “if im lucky” ill get 1. if not by 10 i def would get one.

What world tier are you in?

wt3 playing sorc, I did capstone for t4, but easier to farm 3