Helltides and why no one likes them!

If are going to have to keep running helltides then something has to be changed about them so we don’t hate them as we all do now…The CINDERS that is your issue with helltides. People hate doing tides because no one wants to backtrack to pick up the needed cinders one of 3 things could make this better and actually a fun zone to play.

  1. Make the cinders go into your material tab instantly after killing said mob instead of having it drop on the ground.

2 Get rid of the cinders entirely and just base it on a number of kills, after x amount of kills you can open 1 chest.

3 sell us a pet that will pick up materials and gold not gear just things that go into your material tab.


Helltides are a blast if you are lvl 60 with Ancestral gear. You can kill quickly, but also be killed very quickly. It requires alert play, e.g., carefully choosing when to kite, charge in, use your buffs, etc.

My biggest gripe is that they are too easy after you hit lvl 80. You can just plow through everything while reading a book. It’s so easy that it honestly makes me dislike the game. I want to do something else, but I’m forced to do Helltides because I need Forgotten Souls and Living Steel.



living steel shall drop from NMs, and also mats for eggs

I disagree.
I think we just need stuff to chase.
Put something new on Helltides that we can only get there.
Not a key, not a way to do something else.
Something concrete that has value and its good for itself.

Same goes to overworld (I mean, the map outside dungeons).
We need more reasons to run the map.


WT5 for the overworld.


Absolutely. It’s so obvious and I don’t understand why the devs won’t do it ;/

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I think they they still don’t know how to apply it properly.

WT5 had been in development before the game was even launched according to an old leak. Even in S1 we had a quest whose description is to kill Uber Lilith in the “Hall of something” indicating that she’s supposed to be the capstone boss for WT5.

i do helltides but if you ask me do you like them no not really i do them because i have to.


For me it’s the density. Sometimes you get a nice pack and that is all well and good… but other times it feels like running around for minutes at a time looking for something to kill. Sucks all the energy out of the event.


You also need them for crafting as in forgotten souls etc. They are the equivalent of nephalem rifts in D3

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Charge Barb’s real super power is keeping the mobs with you so you don’t have to run back to pick up cinders.


its good its almost always up now. waiting on helltide for reroll mats was laaaaaaaaaaame.


The only thing I want is for the cinders not to reset whenever a helltide ends. That’s what made the Blood Harvest events so popular - their currencies did not reset and even if you got into a BH near the tail end of its duration you could pick up again as if nothing had happened (minus losing the unfinished whispers of course). Having the ability to pick up after the zone changes is really all HTs need. Of course they’re going to get easy past a certain point - all overworld content is like that. That’s where other endgame activities come into play.


sometimes when i log out the cinders are still there. not sure how that happens. maybe its a server reset?

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ive had that happen like 4 times, i was like cool they changed it finally…but nope…lol

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Stop doing Helltides when you know you have enough gear from Duriel. Your issue is you are attracted to Duriel’s endless Carrots on Stick.

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Helltides are my least favourite part of the game. If they didn’t drop useful/needed mats, I’d never set foot in them.


Vaccuum pet. For sure. Has an Inventory Tab. Vaccuums up Gold, Materials, Cinders. Can set it to Auto-Salvage certain things. Pet can be sent to Town to Sell. Not a Combat Pet.

That solves lots of issues.


look at any vid… everybody just speeds through and doesn’t bother picking up anything hahaha

gotta go fast but the pickup radius is just annoyingly small


Please don’t speak for me. “no one likes them!” Ummmm I like them. Sucks for you if you don’t like them. To bad. So sad.

Ty Blizzard for the helltides and now keeping them with only like a 4-5 min break in between instead of hours.